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Sunday, April 5th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

Sunday, April 5th, the Moon travels through Virgo, the sign of service and health, all day!


Moon trine Uranus, 1:06 AM: This is an inventive and creative aspect and may have made our dreams more enjoyable through the night.


Moon opposes Neptune, 11:38 PM: We are looking to retreat from the stress and worry of the world around us. This is a great time for enjoying wine, watching your favorite mystery shows, and falling asleep! Enjoy!


All times are central.

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Friday, April 3rd Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

Friday, April 3rd, the Moon travels through Leo all day and she does go void-of-course at 2:29 PM and remains void until 4:18 PM on Saturday afternoon. This is a long void Moon and plans may not go as we expect them to with a void Moon. Be flexible.


Moon trine Sun, 2:29 PM: We are feeling relaxed with this aspect and are more open to interacting with other humans for business, food ordering, and connecting with friends.


Mercury conjunct Neptune, 8:15 PM: With this aspect in play for the last 3 days and for the next 3 days, we are all visiting Never Never Land with this Mercury/Neptune alignment. We are all more sensitized to our environment and may want to avoid human contact as much as possible. This is a great time to meditate, do yoga, sleep, enjoy beverages of spirits, and avoid following all the negative news. This will affect the internet and could create slowdowns and general problems. We will hear much about safety with this aspect. This is a good time for writing, walks around the neighborhood, exploring your spirituality, and creating a safe place for you to be. Allergies will be worse with this aspect as well! This is a good time to be at home, especially if you can find some quiet space for yourself with this aspect.


All times are central.

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Thursday, April 2nd Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

Thursday, April 2nd, the Moon begins the day in Cancer, goes void-of-course at 11:49 AM but Luna soon enters Leo at 1:26 PM and the Moon is no longer void-of-course. It should be a busy day!


Moon opposes Jupiter, 3:49 AM: This will get us started early this morning. If you can sleep, this aspect and the next will have a strong impact on your dreams. Otherwise, we are up and planning our day with the Moon in home conscious sign of Cancer. We can easily be overloaded with information and we can want to check out. This can be a good time for blogging or journaling.


Moon opposes Pluto, 4:20 AM: This aspect just intensifies the previous one. With the Moon in Cancer activating the Pluto, in Capricorn, the sign of toughness and rugged determinism; this is a time to consider the future and what you can do to make yourself feel safer. We will feel that we don’t have any control over the situation around us! And obviously, people can respond in many different ways to fear and loss. Since this comes in the early morning, this may have a strong impact on dreams. There is an upcoming Jupiter/Pluto conjunction on Saturday and the Moon transit is activating that alignment.


Moon sextile Venus, 11:49 AM: We are feeling more upbeat with this aspect. This is a good time for commerce, connecting with friends online, reviewing resources and back up plans. We are focused on what works for right now.


The Moon at 11:49 AM is now void-of-course in Cancer until 1:26 PM when Luna enters Leo, the ruler of the heart, and is no longer void.


Moon opposing Saturn, 2:49 PM: Our emotions could be at a low ebb this afternoon with this aspect. This can come as a harsh dose of realism as we see the situations around us more clearly. It may be a good time to rest and retreat if possible and not overthink your situation. Our emotions will be heavy with this aspect.


Moon opposing Mars, 5:13 PM: We are looking for an outlet this afternoon. This is the time to get out for a walk, clean up the patio, and get the grill in shape for the summer. We are more emotionally sensitive and will take life more personally. We are on guard with this aspect.


Moon square Uranus, 10:40 PM: We are ready to let go of the pressure this evening and we are looking for distractions. Keep your plans simple and give yourself plenty of options and exit strategies. This can make some extra edgy emotionally especially because of the “lockdown”. This aspect can make us feel more trapped than we really are. We all want to escape from the ongoing drama. Meditation can help. Wine can help.


The upcoming Jupiter/Pluto conjunction on Saturday. This aspect between Jupiter and Pluto has been building since the end of February. We are having the first of three Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions. We have the second one in June and the third one in November 2020. Jupiter/Pluto affects the flow of business and commerce globally. This aspect will reveal the flaws and weaknesses in all business models. This will bring more transparency to business and what goes on behind the scenes. Along with the Saturn/Pluto conjunction that is also in effect until November, we are looking at major shifts in economics, shifting of power globally and especially economically.

This is really part of the whole picture that we are going through this year. Do what you can. The problem is bigger than you and you won’t solve it. Find a way to feel as safe as you can by focusing on the things you can do. This is a time be resourceful and expand your skill set!


All times are central.

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Wednesday, April 1st Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

Wednesday, April 1st, the Moon travels through Cancer, the sign of home and family, all day.


Moon square Sun, 5:21 AM: This aspect could easily have us up earlier than usual this morning. We are considering actions to take to help make our lives more secure.


Moon trine Mercury, 12:51 PM: This is a great aspect work sticking with your routines, connecting with clients and friends, and making good use of your time. We are more health conscious with this aspect.


Moon trine Neptune, 6:23 PM: This aspect should help us to enjoy the simpler aspects of life. A nice evening for meditation, taking a walk, or finding ways to express your creativity. We are looking for inner peace with this aspect.


All times are central.

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Tuesday, March 31st Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

Tuesday, March 31st, the Moon begins the day void-of-course in Gemini until 6:43 when Luna enters Cancer, the sign of home and emotional security and is no longer void-of-course. Our morning starts off slow, but we get into the groove in the afternoon.


Mars conjunct Saturn, 1:31 PM: We are under the strong influence of this planetary aspect and have been for the last 10 days and will be under its influence for the next 10 days. We may experience this aspect in many ways. A direct sense of this aspect is the “lock down” becoming stronger and more widespread. Mars is a planet of action and survival. Saturn is the planet of economic survival and fear. When these two planets combine their forces, we may develop a strategic plan of action or we may fear for the worse and run around in circles. It’s very likely we are doing both! This is also a time to explore resources that you have not used or avoided because the restrictions required you to step out of your routine. For some, this can show up as defiant behavior and not wanting to be under the government’s thumb. Mars/Saturn is a good time build up the muscles we have not had to use.

Overall, this aspect will make you feel limited, restricted but how you respond to it is the key. Devise a plan to survive the best you can. Ask others for help! Don’t go at this alone. If you do, you will only feel more alone!!! Stop and breath!  Do some stretches. Dance around your office! Avoid the crazies and stay connected to your friends and family.


Moon sextile Uranus, 4:24 PM: We are looking for some relief this afternoon. This is a good time to connect with friends on social media, work on a creative project, or take a walk around the neighborhood and wave at your neighbors from afar!


All times are central.

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Monday, March 30th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

Monday, March 30th, the Moon continues her journey through Gemini all day.


Moon square Neptune, 10:10 AM: We are looking for some inner peace with this aspect. Normally, we would be working, and this would always be a better time for meditation, yoga, and just sitting out on your patio. This aspect enhances our imagination. It may be easier to image the worst with this aspect. Find some time for self-care with this aspect.


The Moon is now void-of-course in Gemini until Tuesday morning at 6:43 AM when Luna enters Cancer and is no longer void-of-course.


Mars enters Aquarius, 2:43 PM: Mars, planet of action and survival enters Aquarius, the sign of society and humanity. With Mars in an air sign, this should be a more intellectually creative time with “necessity being the mother of invention”. Mars will want to act quickly. Mars will be affecting the fixed signs, Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio, and Taurus. Mars should make you feel more energized, physically active, push you to get your task done, and make you a lot less patient. Mars will travel through Aquarius for the next 43 days, which is about the normal time Mars spends in Aquarius every two years. This will make all of us, regardless of your sign, need more freedom of expression. And with the current quarantines, this will make a lot of people more antsy! Mars always does better when he gets to express his energy physically. This is always a good time to pay attention to health, exercise, and diet plans. Our need for more freedom will build through April 7th. If you are feeling trapped and restricted, find a healthy way to express that and don’t cut your nose off despite your face!


We will all be feeling more of the restrictions and possibly the buildup of fear as Mars conjuncts Saturn on Tuesday. This can manifest itself in many ways. Some will want more limits; others will push back. This Mars/Saturn alignment has been in effect for at least the last 10 days and will last well into mid-April. But people will be in discussion, disagreement, and possible panic trying to find ways to develop an adequate defense. We are always able to overthink situations when Saturn is around. As always with Saturn, develop a plan and stick with it. No decision will be perfect.


All times are central.

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Sunday, March 29th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

Sunday, March 29th, the Moon continues here journey through Gemini, the sign of dual paths, all day!


Moon sextile Sun, 3:32 PM: Generally, this positive aspect enhances any activity that we are involved in. This is a great aspect to chat on social media, work on a home project, or getting out for a walk or a jog.


Moon square Mercury 9:58 PM: We are mentally restless this evening. We will need some distractions, entertainment, or/and a glass of wine to keep us from being bored. A great evening for game playing or watching your favorite sport’s movies!


All times are central.

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Saturday, March 28th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

Saturday, March 28th, the Moon travels through Taurus most of the day. Luna goes void-of-course at 6:05 PM in Taurus, but soon enters Gemini at 8:38 PM and the Moon is no longer void-of-course.


Moon trine Jupiter, 8:39 AM: We are feeling somewhat upbeat this morning, despite the pandemic. This is a great time to connect with people online. We are open minded this morning and this could be a great time to take an online class!


Moon conjunct Venus, 9:20 AM: We see creature comforts when Moon and Venus align. Relationship and contract negotiations can go well under this pleasant aspect. We are looking for real value in our decisions and commitment.


Moon trine Pluto, 10:20 AM: We are in our detective mode this morning, uncovering hidden clues. This is a good aspect for clearing out the garage and letting go things you have saved too long! This is a great time for expressing your core feelings, facing your fears, and still move forward.


Moon trine Mars, 6:05 PM: We need some distraction with this aspect. This could be a great time for an early evening walk with it not getting dark until almost 7:30 PM. This can be a good evening to check in with friends and family to make sure they are safe.


Moon trine Saturn, 9:36 PM: We are reflective this evening. We are wondering about the future and where will all this lead. This is a good time for developing a plan for financial and emotional security. It may be hard to avoid thinking about reality with this aspect.


Venus trine Pluto, 9:57 PM: Venus, planet of desire and resources, continues to be active, lining up with Jupiter, planet of growth and expansion, last night and Pluto, planet of transformation and death/rebirth, this evening. On Saturday, April 4th, Jupiter and Pluto will be conjunct. This Jupiter/Pluto alignment may bring us information about the virus spread and the larger impact. This Jupiter/Pluto conjunction has been affecting us since early January and will be strong through the end of December. We are at a peak time now. Adding Venus to the mix adds more energy to the over all situation and begins to make the virus more personal. On a mundane level, this is the activation for alternative resources, different approaches to problem solving, and finding better ways to use what we have. Personally, we are more aware of our relationships and the significance of them. Bigger issues overshadow our daily lives and that forces us to be more reflective about our priorities. With Venus bringing more energy to the ongoing Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, we are trying to come to terms with the economy and the long-term impact to our jobs. Venus helps us learn how to reuse skills that we have may have used in the past. This also should make people want to pull together more as we all share in the fear and the need for comfort and reassurance.


All times are central.

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Friday, March 27th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

Friday, March 27th, the Moon continues its earthy journey through Taurus, the sign of value, all day!


Moon sextiles Mercury, 4:03 AM: This may get our minds stirring earlier than we are used to with this aspect. This is a great time for planning, working on your blog, and for those still asleep, making your dreams more active!


Moon sextile Neptune, 11:02 PM: This aspect should help us relax into a peaceful slumber. This is a good night for fantasy and magic!


Venus trine Jupiter, 11:24 PM: With this planetary aspect, we are finding ways to satisfy our needs through education, humor, and social media. We are finding new ways to connect socially and generate a different version of community. On a personal level, this enhances relationships and makes people want to get along. This should make time with loved ones easier to bear with the covid 19 virus quarantine. With this aspect in play for the last 5 days and continuing for the next 5 days, we should find out more information about keeping us safe and better ways to help stabilize our incomes. This aspect will help to keep our mood up and hope in our hearts. We are looking for ways to create more creature comforts and to extend that comfort to others. We will want to eat and drink more with this aspect as well! Enjoy!!!!


All times are central

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Thursday, March 26th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

Thursday, March 26th, the Moon begins the day in Aries, goes void-of-course at 2:16 AM and remains void until 8:37 AM when Luna enters Taurus, the sign of physical needs and is no longer void-of-course.


Moon square Mars, 2:16 AM: This aspect may interfere with your sleep cycle. If you are awake, you will need some distractions. We are not patient with this aspect.


The Moon at 2:16 AM is now void-of-course in Aries until 8:37 AM when Luna enters Taurus and is no longer void-of-course.


Moon square Saturn, 9:15 AM: We are thinking about our long-term safety and economic security with this aspect. It’s easy to over think situations and act out of desperation and fear. Focus on what you can do and create a better sense of security that way.


Moon conjunct Uranus, 6:29 PM: We will be wanting some space and freedom with this aspect. Our “shelter in place” time may feel more repressive with this aspect. This aspect is good for connecting with friends on social media, so you don’t have to feel so isolated with this aspect. This is also a great problem-solving aspect. It will keep us mentally active through the evening.


All times are central.

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