Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Saturday, March 31st

Moon in sentimental Cancer all day. Our Lunar aspects are later in the day. You may not be very motivated until later. Moon trines Mercury 5 :15 pm, we are looking for things to do. Fun evening out with friends. Moon squares Saturn, 10:33, conversations turn serious and we look at our fears and insecurities.

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Friday, March 30th

Moon in changeable Cancer all day. Moon squares Uranus, 3 30 am, this might keep some of you awake. Moon sextile Mars, 4 06 pm, now you have ideas you want to act on, and the Sun’s not even up. The afternoon takes a serious turn with Moon opposing Pluto at 12 45 and then the Moon squares the Sun at 2 45 pm. Transiting T-Square. Feelings and emotions are pushed to the surface. Things feel urgent and personal. Moon sextiles Jupiter, 7 45 pm. We are just now beginning to feel hopeful again.

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Thursday, March 29th

A very mixed day, energetically. We are under the influence of Mercury sextile Venus, communicating our needs, and Sun square Pluto, cleaning out the old ego. This day could provide much clarity, but by the end of the day. Get most of your activities done in the morning. Moon in Gemini as the Moon squares Mercury, 9 00 am. We are clear about what we don’t want. We are productive through 1 pm as the Moon trines Saturn. Moon void at 1: 05 pm. Keep the rest of the day, very low key. Moon enters Cancer, 6 pm and we are reborn. Moon trines Neptune, 10 pm, we see the wonder of the Universe.

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Wednesday, March 28th

Moon in cerebral Gemini all day. Moon makes no lunar aspects all day. We will get things done but
without all the pushing.

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Tuesday, March 27th

Moon enters mentally active Gemini at 5 45 am. It’s busy all day. We are awake this morning and ready to get to the task at hand. Moon squares Neptune, 9 40 am, we are sidetracked from our appointed rounds. Follow the yellow brick road. We are back on track at 3 15 pm with Moon sextile Uranus. Your mind is working quickly. Moon Square Mars, 5 pm. Tempers flare. Find some space. Moon sextiles the Sun, 9 30 pm and we finally are at peace. We see the workings of the day.

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Monday, March 26th

Moon continues her languid journey through Taurus all day. The only aspect of the day. Moon conjuncts Venus, 2 30 pm. We are productive in a sure and steady way. Great day for a long lunch.

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Saturday, March 24th

All day we are dominated by Sun conjunct Uranus, exact at 1 21 pm. We could be scattered, rebellious, and brilliant. Moon is in busy Aries today. Moon opp Saturn, 12 15 pm, we are trying to make the best use of our time. Our emotions are sensitive. 12:17 pm, Moon is void until 4 45 pm. It may be hard to relax, but some time to yourself would help a lot. Moon in Taurus for the rest of the evening. 8 30 pm, Moon sextiles Neptune, we are interested in diversion.

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Friday, March 16th

Moon in productive Capricorn all day. Our only lunar connection of the day, 2 am, Moon trines Venus. That should give us pleasant dreams of sugar plums dancing in our heads. The rest of the day should be industrious but not obsessively so.

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Thursday, March 15th

We start the day with Moon in practical and productive Capricorn. Our morning is the best time with the Moon sextiling Neptune at 8 am. A time to share real connections with others. At noon, we are edgy and ready for a change of scenery between 12 30 pm and 4 pm. We may be argumentative even when we don’t mean to be. The evening, 9 pm until midnight is calm and relaxing. Best time for business or social interactions. People are serious and are ready to deal.

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Wednesday, March 14th

Lots of activity in the morning, and yet another morning when we are up early. This should be a very positive day, but it may be hard energetically to live in it. We are in the midst of the Grand trine in Earth. Moon in energetic Sag all day. We are energized all day. This is a great day to deal with resources, investments, taxes, and getting clear about your own worth. A wonderful day for brainstorming. By the end of the evening, you will be tired and need to rest, 8 25 pm, Moon square Sun.

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