Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Thursday, May 31st

Moon in strategic Libra all day. We are keeping the big overview in mind all day. Moon trines Mercury, 7 44 am. We are organized this morning even if we are a bit slow. We can really talk about how we feel. Moon trine Venus, 1 30 pm. Good time for connecting with people; great business aspect. People are receptive. Moon conjuncts Saturn, 8 31 pm. We take an accounting of the day and decide if we made any progress.

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Wednesday, May 30th

Moon enters Libra at 5 46 am. We are seeing the big picture and there is lots to do. Mercury squares Mars all day. We are short tempered and you will need a lot of patience.  Moon opposition Uranus, 6 56 am. Our brain is on and we are up early. Pressure this morning can make you feel trapped. Let that go. Mercury Squares Mars, 7 20 pm. Watch your driving and how to speak to others. Words can threaten others. Moon Square Pluto, 8 54 pm, you will want to be alone. Emotions are very sensitive. Moon trine the Sun, 10 48 pm, we are all better. We are finally feeling safe.

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Tuesday, May 29th


Tuesday, May 29th – Moon in health conscious Virgo all day. Moon squares Mars, 1 29 am; you may not get to sleep very early. Moon squares Venus, 12 44 pm, time to over indulge for lunch. We are talking about our past loves and what we should have done. This stays with us the rest of the day. Best to be with friends or loved ones.

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Saturday, May 26th

Moon in fun loving Leo all day. Moon trine Uranus, 7 44 am. We are happy to be doing our own thing. Break from routines and habits and do something spontaneous. Feed your inner child today!

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Friday, May 25th

We are under the influence of Mercury square Neptune all day. This means that our brains will be on vacation when we get to work on Friday morning. And we start the day with Moon in Cancer until 9 30 am. Get your morning started early so you can relax the rest of the day. The Moon squares Saturn, 4 44 am, we are grumpy when we get up this morning. Moon sextile Jupiter, 9 30 am, we are looking forward to getting away from it all. Moon goes void of course at 9 34 am until 5:11 pm. Mercury Square Neptune, 4 38 pm, good time to knock off early and enjoy the spirits at your favorite waterhole. Moon enters Leo, 5 11 pm, time to have fun!!

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Thursday, May 24th

Moon in protective Cancer all day. Moon sextiles Mars, 5 59 am, we are up early and ready to start our routines. This energy will carry us through the day and keep our attitudes perky. Mercury enters Gemini, 6 12 am. We are more talkative and ready to take care of all the small jobs we have been putting off. Great day for problem solving.

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Wednesday, May 23rd

Moon in nurturing Cancer at 6 30 am as we start the day. Be sure and have a good breakfast. All day, we are under the influence of Sun square Neptune. This reaches its peak at 3 50 pm. This would be the perfect day to call in for a mental health day or to do yoga, tai chi or mediation. We will all want to be elsewhere rather than at work. A wonderful day for an Astrology Conference. Moon squares Uranus, 9 30 pm. We are awakened from our slumber and we are ready to party. We need new distractions. We are bored with our old toys.

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Tuesday, May 22nd

Moon in active Gemini again today. Our day is colored by Mercury conjunct Jupiter all day. We are expansive in our thoughts and ideas. We are seeking the big picture and connecting the details. Keep your agenda reasonable today. This occurs early in the morning and may keeps some of us awake. We start the day ready to go. Moon conjuncts Venus, 4 20 pm. A good time to take off early from work and meet friends for early dinner. Great time to mix business and pleasure. Moon trines Saturn, 5 50 pm. We are more connected to the people we are around. Practical thinking rules this time of the day. Great time to close a deal! Moon is void after that time. Order another round.

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Monday, May 21st

Moon in intellectually busy Gemini all day. We are ready to meet the day. Moon sextile Uranus, 9 13 am, We are open minded. A great time for finding solutions to problems. We are more open to new experiences. Moon squares Mars, 4 17 pm. We are needing to check our boundaries and see if we are safe.  Could be a time when people lose their temper easily or take things way too personally.

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Sunday, May 20th

Sort of a crazy day. Moon in Taurus as the morning opens. Get things done early as the Moon is void after 7 35 am. We will be feeling upbeat through the morning. The Sun enters Gemini, 10 16 am, and we may have lots of ideas and things to do but we may feel fairly scattered through most of the day. Moon enter mentally busy, Gemini at 6 05 pm. Solar Eclipse at 6 47 pm, Moon Conjuncts the Sun in Gemini. This will be a time of feeling scattered, low motivation. We may want to spend more time alone or be very selective about who you have around on this day. A great day for distractions.

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