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Lilly Roddy’s July 2012 #astrology forecast

July 2012 Astrocast by Lilly Roddy
General information: Happy Independence Day! The planets continue to make our progress two steps forward and one step back until the middle of August. Mercury is retrograde this month so try to get your projects started before July 10th. Mercury will be direct in the middle of next month. Uranus also goes direct on the 13th. 
Keep the middle of the month flexible as possible, since the planets will be very harshly aligned. After the middle of the month, things ease up some. With Mercury retrograde, be sure and get all old projects finished. And contact existing clients or customers if you want to make the best use of this Mercury retrograde through the end of August.
The Sun is in homey Cancer this month and enters dynamic Leo on the 22nd. Mercury, already in Leo, goes retrograde on the 11th. Venus is in the dual sign of Gemini the whole month. Mars finishes his long journey through Virgo and enters Libra on July 3rd. Jupiter remains in Gemini; Saturn in Libra, Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn.
Good days this month are July 3rd, 4th, 22nd, 24th, 25th, 28th and the 31st. Days to keep your head low are July 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, and the 18th. 

Aries –– You are really feeling the pull from several different directions this month, all at the same time. Family needs are very strong this month, but a big part of you wants to be away from it all. Work won’t be a good place to hide out either. Make sure that you stay true to yourself this month. Don’t over step your boundaries, even if it’s just about helping someone. Tensions are very high in your relationship in the middle of the month. Find a some healthy outlets.
Taurus – Your resources are the hot topic for this month. You will be working to get that part of your life in order. You may want to communicate your ideas this month, but people may not be hearing you. Make sure they really understand. Continue to work to improve your health. More exercise and a better diet would help. Work is still being reorganized. I know you are ready to move forward but you have to wait till mid August. 

Gemini – Can you say busy? You will really testing your boundaries this month. There is a lot going on and so much of it is positive. Your ruler, Mercury, is retrograde until Mid August. Review your plans. Clean up what you have on your plate and don’t start anything new until mid August. Money is important this month. You will want to be more valued as a human being at work and with your friends. 

Cancer – Happy Birthday to the Moon kids. You are being pulled in so many different directions this month. You are somewhat bored and are looking for something to bring a new spark into your life. Relationships, Career, Home and self are all vying for your time.  Make sure you keep centered. You are going through a very much of a cleaning out and letting go of your past. Keep some time for yourself, especially at the end of the month. 

Leo – Old friends are coming back into the picture this month. You are feeling more chatting and open. Relationships are needing to be reexamined as you will want new long term goals. If you don’t get these new goals, your relationship might be heading for an ed.  Health is important this month. You will be paying more attention to what you eat and what people you allow into your life. Co-workers are more testy this month. Step round them if you can.

Virgo – With your ruler, Mercury, retrograde, this is a good month for review for you. Most of the review is about your inner life and your spiritual dealings. Old aspects of yourself will resurface. There are lots of new options for you, but you will still need to wait until the middle of August before you commit to something new. Relationships are a bit confusing. You aren’t sure what you want much less what your partner might want. Listen to what they say, don’t project.

Libra – Mars, planet of action and selfness, enters your sign for the next 45 days. Being patient and getting sleep are usually not part of the agenda for Mars. This is a great time to renew your exercise and diet program. You will be speaking directly to people. The 15th through the 20th, could be an especially volatile time. You will say what you think, no matter the consequences. Make sure you mean it before you say it. You won’t be able to take the words back. 

Scorpio – You are standing back from all the crazy energy as it moves around you. You are in a much more relaxed period. You seem to be taking things less seriously. This is a good month to clear up old issues with financial and career problems from the past. Your leadership role is needed at work. Don’t be reluctant to take charge of this old problem. Partnerships are improving as long as you continue to communicate. Your partner is more open to what you have to say this month.

Sagittarius – Relationships are your big topic for this month. If you are in one, things are getting better and both you and your partner are more open to suggestions. If you are single, then, contacting people you already know is your best bet. Continue to pay attention to your finances this month. Even though, there is nothing wrong, you are being extra cautious. At work, you will be redoing some task you thought you had finished. Just finishing up the details.

Capricorn – The big areas of life, home, relationships, career and self are all under a fair amount of stress. You are certainly in a time when you are ready to clean things out and totally rethink some of your choices and directions. You will not be patient during the 3rd week. Choose your battle carefully. This will show itself more at work. Finances get your attention at the end of the month as you continue to clear out the crud out of your life. 

Aquarius – You are having a big burst of creativity this month and next. You are busy taking care of all sort of small jobs around your work and at home. Heath and exercise head the list for this month. You are more ready to get back into a good eating program. And you are more direct with people than usual. It seems you have to voice your opinions. Relationships take over the spotlight at mid month. Great time to spend some time together away from the routines of life.

Pisces – Busy is your key word this year. There is a lot of activity taking place with your family and with your home. Some of you are considering moving, redecorating or taking an extra long vacation. Family is needing your advice and your attention. Be sure you create some time for yourself otherwise, you will feel taken advantage of. Use some of your creative outlets at this time. They will really help you. You need some escape from the humdrum.
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Saturday, June 30 daily #astrology forecast

Moon starts the day in Scorpio. Moon sextiles Mars, 2: 30 pm, we are busy and active through the morning and the day. We are getting our day in order. Our routines will help to ground us. Moon goes void, at 2 45 pm, time to take a break and have some time to yourself. Moon enters Sag, the truth seeker, at 5 pm. We are more active through the evening but we retire early as Moon squares Neptune, 10 pm.

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Friday, June 29 daily #astrology forecast

Moon in Scorpio all day. We are under the influence of Sun Opposite Pluto and Sun Square Uranus, all day, and Mercury sextile Jupiter: this will be day of extremes. Keep yourself centered and don’t be caught in the emotional storm. This alignment will make your restless and indecisive about your future and security. Change is happening.  Moon trines Sun, 5 am, good time for meditation or lingering a bit longer with your coffee. Moon sextiles Pluto, 5: 20 am, we are looking at our long term choices and how they impact our life. Sun opposite Pluto, 10 am, we are feeling emotionally vulnerable. Secrets are being exposed. Mercury sextile Jupiter, 10: 30 am, the time to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. We feel more clear. Sun square Uranus, 3 11 pm, we want what we want, when we want it. There is a nip of Intensity in the air. 

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Thursday, June 28 daily #astrology forecast

Moon is void of course as the day opens. Keep your agenda flexible. You will get things done, but not as organized as you like. Moon enters questioning Scorpio at 3 32 pm. We are wanting to retreat some as the Moon trines Neptune, 8 34 pm. Good time to be with friends of like minds. Moon squares Mercury, 9 13 pm. The conversation heats up, but we are still having a good time.

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Wednesday, June 27 daily #astrology forecast

Venus goes stationary direct today at 10: 07 am; our relationships begin to right themselves. Moon in Libra all day. Our morning is edgy and we are cantankerous. The ride to work could be bumpy. You will only do what you want to do today. Our evening is better, and we are not so emotionally raw.

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Tuesday, June 26th daily #astrology forecast

Moon goes void, 5 53 am. Get your morning started early. After 6 am, your motivation will languish.  Moon enters Libra, sign of harmony, at 12: 15 pm, and we are back into action. Our afternoon will be much more productive. Moon sextiles Mercury, 1 40 pm, our communications are enhanced. People are trying to get along. Moon tines Jupiter, 6 10 pm, great time to be out with friends, or doing business. We are more receptive. Moon squares Sun, 10 30 pm. We are at home and assessing the day, our wins and losses

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Monday, June 25 daily #astrology forecast

Moon in efficient Virgo, all day. We are under the influence of Jupiter square Neptune all day, only believe half of what you hear and be extra cautious of what you do believe. This energy starts our day, 2 59 am. You could have a night of very vivid dreams.  Saturn goes direct, 3 01 am. We are considering our next set of goals. The Moon makes no aspects through the day. We will feel as though we are adrift through the day. Keep your plans very simple on this day. Mercury enters Leo, 9 24 pm. Time to talk about you!

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Sunday, June 24th daily #astrology forecast


Uranus squares Pluto: the rebel and tradition clash. today at 3 14 am. If you slept last night, you probably had a very restless night. Tensions are on edge and will continue through June 30th.  


Moon in Virgo as we get up, giving us some stability and direction.

Moon square Jupiter, 12 pm, and then Moon opposing Neptune, 12 16 pm. This is a real spacey time. Our emotions could be very volatile, either up or down. Make sure you are with people you trust. 


Moon sextiles the Sun, 1 18 pm, we are coming out of our shell. This is a good time for odd jobs around the house.  


Moon square Venus, 8 32 pm, we are ready to indulge our senses.  

Moon trine Pluto, 9 54 pm, we are trying to keep the big picture in perspective. 

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Saturday, June 23rd daily #astrology forecast

Our day is influenced by Sun trine Neptune. We are generally more open to others and more content to let things be. Moon continues in fiery Leo all day. We are doing our best to be productive all day but we don’t have too much motivation. As we get in the later afternoon, we are much more productive, Moon sextiles Saturn, 5 26 pm. And then the Moon is void, 5 26 pm till tomorrow morning. Sun trines Neptune, 10 55 pm. Life is a fantasy, make yours a good one.

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New Class – The Transits of Uranus and Her Impact on Our Inner Planets

Next Wednesday Night Class – June 27th
The Transits of Uranus and Her Impact on Our Inner Planets
When: June 27th through August 8th 
Wednesday Evening, 7:00 pm until 9 pm. 
Where: Lilly’s Little School Room
Cost: $75 before June 26th, at the door $80

Uranus pushes us to grow out of the safe places we have constructed in our lives. From the very start, she is always redefining her unlimited freedom. 

In this class we will gain a better understanding of our personal position of Uranus in our natal charts and how the transits of Uranus impact our inner planets, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Sun, and the Moon. 

Our goal is to improve our astrological vocabulary. You will need to have an understanding of signs, planets, houses, natal and transiting aspects to get the most from the class. 

Please bring your Charts and your Aspectarians and join Lilly on Wednesday, June 27th, 7 PM.  

 Contact information: Lilly Roddy, 713-529-5842,

Please Note: There is no class on July 4th
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