Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

New Class – The Transits of Uranus and Her Impact on Our Inner Planets

on June 22, 2012
Next Wednesday Night Class – June 27th
The Transits of Uranus and Her Impact on Our Inner Planets
When: June 27th through August 8th 
Wednesday Evening, 7:00 pm until 9 pm. 
Where: Lilly’s Little School Room
Cost: $75 before June 26th, at the door $80

Uranus pushes us to grow out of the safe places we have constructed in our lives. From the very start, she is always redefining her unlimited freedom. 

In this class we will gain a better understanding of our personal position of Uranus in our natal charts and how the transits of Uranus impact our inner planets, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Sun, and the Moon. 

Our goal is to improve our astrological vocabulary. You will need to have an understanding of signs, planets, houses, natal and transiting aspects to get the most from the class. 

Please bring your Charts and your Aspectarians and join Lilly on Wednesday, June 27th, 7 PM.  

 Contact information: Lilly Roddy, 713-529-5842,

Please Note: There is no class on July 4th

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