Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Sunday, June 24th daily #astrology forecast

on June 24, 2012


Uranus squares Pluto: the rebel and tradition clash. today at 3 14 am. If you slept last night, you probably had a very restless night. Tensions are on edge and will continue through June 30th.  


Moon in Virgo as we get up, giving us some stability and direction.

Moon square Jupiter, 12 pm, and then Moon opposing Neptune, 12 16 pm. This is a real spacey time. Our emotions could be very volatile, either up or down. Make sure you are with people you trust. 


Moon sextiles the Sun, 1 18 pm, we are coming out of our shell. This is a good time for odd jobs around the house.  


Moon square Venus, 8 32 pm, we are ready to indulge our senses.  

Moon trine Pluto, 9 54 pm, we are trying to keep the big picture in perspective. 

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