Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Friday, June 22 daily #astrology forecast

June 22nd , Friday – Moon in warm hearted Leo all day. Today flows along as smoothly as can be expected. Moon sextiles Venus, 1 50 pm, we are getting along better. Excellent time for couples therapy or just getting things straight between you and your business partner. Moon trines Uranus, 2 38 pm: We are feeling lighthearted. We are looking forward to escaping from our routines. 

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Thursday, June 21 daily #astrology forecast

Moon in forward moving Aries as the day begins. Moon sextile Venus, 4 40 pm. We are talking about how we feel and what we want. Great time for a late lunch or early dinner to discuss ongoing contract negotiations. Moon opposing Saturn, we are clear about our limitation and boundaries, 4 44 pm. Moon is void at 4 44 pm. Step back and take a deep breath. 

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Wednesday, June 20th daily #astrology forecast

A very busy day. We are under the influence of Mercury Square Saturn, and Venus sextile Uranus, all day. Mercury square Saturn means looking critically at things around us – assessing where we need to focus. Venus sextile Uranus allows us to think outside the box and find unique resolutions. Moon in security conscious Cancer all day. We are up and at it early. Moon squares Uranus, 5 am, we only want to do what we want. Moon Opposing Pluto, 5 15 am, we are edgy this morning. Be careful driving, people are looking for power struggles. Mercury square Saturn, 11 05 am, we review what we are doing and where we are going. Words have extra power now. Be careful how you use the. Sun enters Cancer, 6 09 pm, First day of Summer. Venus sextiles Uranus, 8 pm. If you keep the big picture view all day, it really pays off now. We are finding resolution with the problems of the day. 

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Tuesday, June 19th daily #astrology forecast

Moon in Gemini the Juggler as the day begins. We are multi-tasking through the morning. New Moon at 10 am, lots of new ideas. Moon is void from 10 02 am through 12 34 pm. Have an extra long lunch. Moon enters Cancer, 12 34 pm, back to work. We are being productive but we aren’t pushing ourselves. Moon trine Neptune, 6 40 pm. Wonderful time for meditation or medication. The evening should be a slow paced one. 

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Monday, June 18th daily #astrology forecast

Moon continues in busy Gemini all day. We have a list of things to do as the day begins. The later part of the day, you may feel stressed as you try to accomplish your agenda. Make sure you have a break around 10 pm. Moon square Mars, you won’t be patient. Emotions are on edge. Moon trine Saturn, 10 15 pm, we find a way to make the best of the situation.

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Saturday, June 16th daily #astrology forecast

Moon in Taurus as the day begins. Get your morning started early. We are energized as the Moon trines Mars 7 am. 7: 09 am, Moon goes void of course until Sunday morning at 12 24 am. Keep your day flexible

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Summer Solstice Talk – June 20th, 2012 – Wednesday- 7:30 pm

Lilly Roddy, astounding astrologer and seer of everything, except her own faults, will be sharing her Mid Year views about the economy, the stock market, the upcoming presidential elections, how Houston looks for the hurricane season and the potential end of the world in December 2012. You don’t need to know any astrology to attend this lecture. 
Join her on June 20th, 2012, 7:30 pm until 8 45 pm. at Lilly’s Little Lecture Hall!
Cost: $20, Please make your reservations early!  713-529-5842 or at
Lilly Roddy, Astrologer 
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Friday, June 15th daily #astrology forecast

Moon in luxurious Taurus all day.  Moon trines Pluto at 5 am. We are looking inside of ourselves this morning. Take some time to be reflective over your morning coffee. Moon sextiles Mercury, 7 pm; great evening for time with friends or business associates. Communications are enhanced.

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Thursday, June 14th, Flag Day

Moon is void as the day begins. Keep your plans and prospects realistic. Moon enters stable and practical Taurus, 11 22 am, we finally get going and it’s time for lunch. Time to satisfy those creature comforts. Moon sextiles Neptune, 5 43 pm, we are ready to call it a day. Very nice evening for sharing with close friend and loved ones.

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Wednesday, June 13th daily #astrology forecast

We are under the positive influences of Sun trine Saturn all day. Good day for being productive, clear about our agendas and making the best choices. We start the day with Moon in exploratory Aries. Sun trines Saturn, 7 14 am, our feet hit the floor and we are moving. Moon opposes Saturn, 8 55 pm, we assess our day and determine our wins and losses. We are emotionally sensitive. Be careful with the truth. Moon sextile Sun, 10 09 pm, we are once again grounded and feeling safe.

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