Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Tuesday, June 12 daily #astrology forecast

Moon in self confident Aries all day. Make the morning and early afternoon your best time of the day. Moon conjuncts Uranus, 3 28 pm, We will need to have a sudden change of schedule. Defy mediocrity. Moon square Pluto, 4 28 pm, Individuality and financial security are at odds with each other. Try to find middle ground. Moon squares Mercury, 8 05 pm, we are finally becoming more clear about the plan, just working on the details. Moon sextile Venus, 10 09 pm, You did a good job and deserve a reward, like a diamond tennis bracelet.

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Monday, June 11th daily #astrology forecast

This is a very energetic and crazy day. People will be edgy and impatient. Avoid power struggles and drama, especially today. We are under the influence of Mercury square Uranus and Mercury opposition Pluto, creating a T square in the sky = mental restlessness. The day begins early. Don’t be surprised if you didn’t sleep well. Moon in Pisces but goes void, at 5 41 am for the whole day. (moon void = uncertain actions and choices). Jupiter enters Gemini for the 1st time in 12 years, approx. Mercury Square Uranus, 12 42 pm, strong analytical skills but we are not patient enough to use them. Watch what you say. Don’t paint yourself into a corner. Mercury opposes Pluto, 8 0 4 pm, we get to the bottom of things, no matter what.

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Saturday, June 9 daily #astrology forecast

June 9th, Saturnday – Happy Vestalia! Moon is still in social conscious Aquarius until 1 33 pm. The morning goes by well, we try to stick to our agenda. Moon square Jupiter, 1 33 pm don’t overdo it. We are feeling rudderless after 1 33 pm. Time to rest and put your feet up between 1 30 pm and 2 30 pm. Moon enters emotionally sensitive Pisces at 2 22 pm. Best to keep your plans for the rest of the day simple. Moon conjuncts Neptune, 8 10 pm, we are seeking safety and shelter, physically and emotionally.

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Friday, June 8th daily #astrology forecast

We are under the influence of Mercury trine Neptune, thinking outside the box, flowing with your intuition, all day and particularly in the evening. Moon in space conscious Aquarius all day. We start the day with Moon trine lovely Venus, 9 49 am, we are getting along with just about everyone this morning. Good time to close the deal. Moon trine Sun, 5 35 pm, we easily understand the other person’s point of view and relationships are better. Mercury tine Neptune, 8 50 pm, we are very imaginative and creative today. Be open to your intuition and you will get plenty of information to help you. A quiet evening might be better than busy one.

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Thursday, June 7th daily #astrology forecast

Moon begins the day void of course. Moon enters perceptive Aquarius at 9 17 am. So wait until then to start anything pressing. Our day is impacted with the Sun Squaring Mars at 9 30 pm. This will make us feel competitive or challenged through the day. People’s driving will be especially crazy. Keep your schedule flexible today, you will be glad.

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Wednesday, June 6th daily #astrology forecast

Moon continues in goal oriented Capricorn all day. Moon trines Mars, 11 33 am. We are motivated and getting things done without too many blocks. We keep busy all day. Moon squares Saturn, 9 29 pm, we are introspective and attempting to find some balance in our lives. Curl up with a tub of ice cream and indulge.

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Tuesday, June 5 daily #astrology forecast

June 5th, Tuesday – Our emotions are still raw from yesterday. We will need time to be with people that we trust a lot, especially during the evening. Moon enters industrious Capricorn at 7 30 am, we have high hopes for the day. Moon sextiles Neptune, 12 38 pm, we are making sense of our last couple of days and putting words to how we feel. We more easily see other’s points of view. Sun/Venus conjunction/occultation, 8 10 pm. We are clearly focused on what we want and desire. People can seem selfish or narcissistic. Others will open their hearts. Moon Squares Uranus, 8 30 pm. Freedom and self expression at all cost. We can’t be held back. Moon conjunct Pluto, 9 45 pm, We need time to hibernate and be reborn in the morning.

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Monday, June 4th daily #astrology forecast

What a busy day! The energies may be so stimulating that it may feel a bit prickly and uncomfortable. People will be a bit on edge. We are dominated by a Venus square Mars. This can make people argumentative and focuses on principle rather than actual use. Relationships could be very testy if they aren’t going well. And we start the day with the Eclipse, Full Moon at 6 12 am. We are up early and may not have rested so well from the night before. There is a lot on our minds and we will not be very focused. Moon square Mars, 9 20 am, we feel very emotionally vulnerable and attacked emotionally; and can over react at this time. Moon square Venus, 10 am, we want what we want, when we want it. And we want it , right now. Emotional distance would be very helpful here. Venus squares Mars, 7 29 pm, throw another log on the fire or on your relationship. Watch that you don’t overdo things during this time. Moon sextiles Saturn, 8 23 pm, we try to find our rational brain and we are a bit more settled.

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Saturday, June 2 daily #astrology forecast

June, 2nd , Saturn Day, Moon continues her Journey through probing Scorpio all day. The moon’s only aspect is a sextile to Mars at 8 18 am. We are excited and upbeat this morning. We feel like we can get a lot done. This energy hangs on through the day.

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June 2012 Astrocast from Lilly Roddy

General Information: Hold on to your bonnets this month, we are going on a bumpy ride. To start the month, June 4th, we have the Lunar Eclipse in Sag. Our attention will be turned world wide during that eclipse. 
Venus will move across the face of the Sun so that we can see her on May 5th. Venus is still retrograde this month and we are reconsidering partnerships, financial investments and our appearance. 
Also this month, Neptune and Saturn go direct along with Venus at the very end of the month. And Jupiter enters Gemini for the 1st time in 12 years. 
As we start the month, the Sun is in talkative Gemini and on June 20th, the Summer Solstice, the Sun enters home loving Cancer at 6:09 pm central time. Mercury begins the month in Gemini, enters Cancer on the 7th and Leo on the 25th. Venus remains in Gemini. Mars is pushing his way through Virgo. Jupiter starts the month in Taurus and enters Gemini on June 11th . Saturn is in Libra; Uranus is in Aries, Neptune is in Pisces and Pluto is in Capricorn; all happy as can be. 

Aries – You are feeling pulled in many different directions this month. You will have to make sure that you stay within your own boundaries or feel trapped by over commitment. Your focus this month is on your home and family and the security that you need to feel safe. And there is a lot on your plate this month. Make sure you get some exercise to burn off some of the frustration. The 24th is a time when your patience and tolerance is very low. Don’t let your work get to you. Take some time off and get a better perspective. 

Taurus – Money matters this month, more than usual. You have been reconsidering a lot of aspects about your whole life this month, with your ruler, Venus, still retrograde in your money sector. This is all about what you are worth. You are communicating more easily and telling people what you really really want. New business opportunities are coming but you may have to wait until mid July to respond. Take your time to explore the advantages. 

Gemini – Happy Birthday to the Gemini’s. This is your personal yearly cycle. A time when you to examine the projects that you started last year and set new goals for yourself for this year. Some of that is being delayed with Venus retrograde. This will make your birthday time much more introspective than usual. The Eclipse on the 4th could affect your relationship, particularly if things are going well. Keep an eye on your money, especially near the end of the month.

Cancer – You are deep inside your brain this month. There is a lot of planning, organizing and goal setting going on. You are not ready to act on this until the early part of July. The end of the month is a stressful time for you. Career, relationships, and home will be pulling on you all at the same time. Keep working your options so you don’t feel trapped. Remember, you are in charge of your choices. Come July, you will feel as though you have been shot out of a rocket.

Leo – There are a lot of things going on , but you seem to be able to dodge the worst of it this month. Your friends will rely on you heavily. And old friends could come back into your life. They could be extremely helpful to you. You are still in an organizing and clean up mode. Take some time to rest at the end of the month and avoid the stress if possible. Long term career energies are still making you consider changing your current career path. Don’t be surprised, if you do. 

Virgo – Lots of activity this month in your Career and Family sectors of your horoscope. The eclipse this month, June 4th, is right in your career sector. This is an indicator to start your own business or revamp the one you are in. You won’t come to this decision until mid August, although you will be unsettled at work. Get ready, you are about to be very busy. Relationships are ok, but you still need some excitement so the boredom doesn’t get to you.  Work on your temper.

Libra – As the month begins, you are in a planning mode. You feel like you are going to have to make some decisions about getting your life organized. You have already started some of this, but by the end of the month, you will need your plan in place. Home and Career are in a gigantic state of flux and have been since last September. The 24th could be a very stressful time. Find some space to yourself during that weekend. You will be ready to make those decisions after mid July. 

Scorpio – Cleaning out and letting go are your themes for this month. Relationships are highlighted as you get clear on what really creates intimacy for you. This is a time of setting new goals for your existing relationship or looking for someone to fill that spot in your life. Career direction is becoming more focused as we get closer  to the Fall. Old friends from the past can be very helpful to you this month. Take the time to explore this aspect of your life. 

Sagittarius – You start the month with an eclipse right in your relationship arena of your chart. This can put pressure on bad relationships, revitalize old ones and start new ones. Your relationship energies will be much improved from June 2012 through June 2013. You are finally getting your act together with your career. You were in a hibernating mode for a while but you are back ready to challenge to the world. Wait for the end of the month to put those new plans into action.

Capricorn – Security and relationship issues are so strong this month. You are certainly at a place where you must take some steps to establish some boundaries in your life. Otherwise, your people pleasing will get the best of you. Don’t wait for the end of the month to act on this. If you do, you will be at a crisis point and may not have the time to make the best decision. You are still cleaning out your past. You may not even be close to finish until October. Keep the 24th, schedule free. You will want the time for yourself.

Aquarius – The Water Bearers are coming out of the shadows they have been living for several years. You are more active, more decisive and clear about what you won’t do. This is a creative month for you. You are more playful and inventive. You are better able to communicate this month and that continues through next year. Great time for writing, internet blogging, publishing newsletters. And career becomes more focused at the end of the month. 

Pisces – The Eclipse this month, June 4th, is right in your career and family areas of the chart. This is a very good time to consider starting your own business or expanding the one you have. You will need to wait a bit before you put your plans into action. Relationships have been edgy, especially if you have not put any new effort into revitalizing them. This is also a time when you will consider moving, buying some property or relocating to another country. Old family issues are resurfacing. Clean them out and make way for new connections with your family.  
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