Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Tuesday, July 31st daily #astrology forecast

We are influenced by Sun trine Uranus all day. A very sharp mental day for us. And Venus tines Saturn all day. We see our goals clearly and can make the commitment to meet those goals. Moon in serious Capricorn all day. Great day for being productive. Moon squares Mars, 4 43 am, we are up early and ready to tackle anything that crosses our path. Moon squares Saturn, 6 30 pm, we are ready to assess the day and determine if we made any progress. Make sure you are with people that are supportive of you.

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Monday, July 30th daily #astrology forecast

Moon in productive Capricorn all day. Moon sextiles Neptune, 6 31 am, we are slow to start our day, but we have plenty to do. Moon conjuncts Pluto, 3 03 pm, our emotions are running deep. We are taking things very seriously. We are getting to the bottom of things. Moon Squares Uranus, 4 34 pm, leave work early and find yourself some open spaces. If you are pressured, you will respond quickly. Keep some exits open. 

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Saturday, July 28th daily #astrology forecast

We are influenced by Mercury conjunct the Sun, all day. We are more analytical and looking at details closer. Moon in fun loving Sag all day. Moon squares Neptune, 4 25 am, we are wanting to stay in bed and avoid harsh reality. Have another Danish and pull the covers over your head. Moon trines Sun, 10 16 am, we are feeling upbeat and ready for the morning. Great time for almost any thing. Moon trines Mercury, 10 48 am, we are exploring our past and getting clear on details. Great morning for getting those odd jobs done.

 Moon trine Uranus, 2 28 pm, our intellect is working well, we are ready to act on how we feel. Sun conjuncts Mercury, 2 58 pm, we are full of ideas, thoughts, and ready to act on clearing things up. Great afternoon for a short trip. Moon opposition Jupiter, 4 37 pm, we need the benefit of open spaces and open mindedness. Wonderful evening to be with friends and loved ones.
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Friday, July 27th daily #astrology forecast

Moon void in Scorpio all day. Good day to ferret out problems that need more time to explore to get to the bottom of things. Let your emotions be your guide today. 

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Thursday, July 26th daily #astrology forecast

Moon in Scorpio all day. Moon goes void at 10 38 am. Our best productive and self-directed time is in the morning. We are still productive afterwards, we are just more influenced by our subconscious motives. Moon squares the Sun, 3 56 am, we are thinking about our family through the morning. Moon sextiles Pluto, 10 27 am, we are very conscious emotionally and a bit guarded. Great time for detective work. Moon square Mercury, 10 28 am, we continue to probe, trying to make sense of things. Let Luna be your guide. The Moon is void until Saturday morning, 12 18 am.

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Wednesday, July 25th daily #astrology forecast

Mercury trines Uranus influences us all day. Great day for communicating opinions that create change. The morning is the best time of the day. Moon continues in harmonious Libra. We are very work and goal oriented this morning. Keep this up with Moon conjunct Saturn, 10 22 am. Moon is void after 10 22 am. You may not be as focused as you were this morning. Moon enters Scorpio, 9 29 pm, our feet touch the physical plane. Emotions are more sensitive and emotional responses can be very strong.

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Tuesday, July 24th daily #astrology forecast

Moon in fair Libra. We are busy today! Mercury sextile Jupiter, 2 15 pm  is the overriding influence today. We are good at puzzle solving today. Words are extra important today. There is some strong tension in the air this morning as Moon squares Pluto, 6 59 am, we are emotionally cautious this morning, guarded , and not very open to others. Moon Opposes Uranus, 8 26 am, we just need some freedom and some space. Think outside of the box. Moon trines Jupiter, 9 15 am, we are seeing the bigger picture now. Our ideas flow easily. Moon sextile Mercury, 9 32 am, our brains are active and we are very interested in interacting with others. Great morning for getting things done. Moon conjuncts Mars, 2 09 pm, time for a break. Tempers may flair, if you have to defend your point of view. Mercury sextile Jupiter, 2 15 pm, we have a head full of ideas. We can respond quickly to any situation. We are taking care of old problems. 

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Monday, July 23rd daily #astrology forecast

Moon is void of course, in Virgo,  as we start the day until 5 38 pm. Moon in Virgo is a great time to clean up, get things reorganized and to put things in their proper places, even with the void Moon. Moon enters Libra, 5 38 pm, we begin to focus on balancing our emotions. Moon sextiles Sun, 8 23 pm, best to spend the evening with your partner or close friends. If you are doing business at this time, you are more open with your clients. 

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Sunday, July 22nd daily #astrology forecast

We are influenced all day by Jupiter sextile Uranus, creative and inventive thinking, seeing around the blocks. Mercury sextiles Mars, our brains our open and ready to learn and process. Great day for problem solving. Moon continues her journey through efficient Virgo. Moon squares Jupiter, 3 44 pm, we start off  with a long list of things we want to do today. Sun enters Leo, 5 01 am, we are feeling more active and willing to invest in ourselves. Mercury sextiles Mars, 4 55 am, a great day for communicating about personal issues or seeking solutions to problems. This will get us up early. Moon square Venus, 7 44 pm, we are ready for a break and a time for our inner self. Moon is void after 7 44, flow along with the rest of the evening. 

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Saturday, July 21st daily #astrology forecast

We start the day with the Moon Void of Course, Keep your expectations very realistic until 12 24 pm when the Moon enters earthy and practical Virgo. We are grounded and ready to make the most of the rest of the day. Moon opposes Neptune, 5 05 pm: We need to retreat and spend some time with people who are like-hearted. Good time to spend the evening with someone you like.

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