Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Tuesday, July 24th daily #astrology forecast

on July 24, 2012

Moon in fair Libra. We are busy today! Mercury sextile Jupiter, 2 15 pm  is the overriding influence today. We are good at puzzle solving today. Words are extra important today. There is some strong tension in the air this morning as Moon squares Pluto, 6 59 am, we are emotionally cautious this morning, guarded , and not very open to others. Moon Opposes Uranus, 8 26 am, we just need some freedom and some space. Think outside of the box. Moon trines Jupiter, 9 15 am, we are seeing the bigger picture now. Our ideas flow easily. Moon sextile Mercury, 9 32 am, our brains are active and we are very interested in interacting with others. Great morning for getting things done. Moon conjuncts Mars, 2 09 pm, time for a break. Tempers may flair, if you have to defend your point of view. Mercury sextile Jupiter, 2 15 pm, we have a head full of ideas. We can respond quickly to any situation. We are taking care of old problems. 

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