Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Friday, July 20th daily #astrology forecast

Moon in creative Leo all day. Great night for dreaming, Moon conjuncts Mercury, 2 44 am. Moon sextiles Venus, 10 51 am, super time to interact with others. We are open to other’s ideas and are wanting to communicate about these ideas. This aspects is with us through the rest of the day. 

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Thursday, July 19th daily #astrology forecast

Moon begins the day in warm and loving Leo at 5 13 am. We are taking some time to recover today from the last two days. Moon sextiles Jupiter, 8 22 pm, great evening for entertaining, doing business or selling others on your abilities. Moon trine Uranus, 9 08 pm, you are feeling free to be yourself. Spend your time with people of like minds. Moon sextile Mars, 10 12 pm. we still have plenty of energy as the evening progresses. Good evening for fun and romance. 
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Class: Finding The Theme in the Chart – Chart Synthesis

Finding The Theme in the Chart – Chart Synthesis
 I am teaching the 3rd part in my beginning series, How to Find the Theme in the Chart or Chart Synthesis. 

July 21st and 22nd, Saturday and Sunday, 10 am until 4 pm. 

The fee for the class is $120. You should have reasonable knowledge of the signs, planets and houses.

In this class, we will gather the data that the chart presents, put the pieces together and find the theme/s that are repeated in the chart. At the end of the class, you should be able to know how the chart is all tied together. 

If you want to sign up or if you have a question, you can contact me at or 
give me a call 713-529-5842. 


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Wednesday, July 18th daily #astrology forecast

Wednesday, July 18th   We are still under the influence of Mars, with Mars opposing Uranus 9 56 pm. We want what we want, NOW. Great day to think outside of the box and find inventive ways to address problems. Otherwise, some will feel frustrated by sticking with patterns of the past. Moon in Cancer all day. The Moon’s only contact today:  Moon Square Saturn, 4 24 pm. Balance your work with your need to take care of yourself. Don’t be victimized by your own work schedule. Mars opposing Uranus, 9 56 pm, break your routines and do something different. 

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Tuesday, July 17th daily #astrology forecast

We are dominated by Mars, planet of action, self defense and assertiveness, all day. Mars trines Jupiter, 7 40 am. The Moon forms a grand cross today. Our energy levels are very strong and we may feel that we can overcome anything. Mars squares Pluto 3 23 pm: We are feeling challenged, people are wary and paranoia is strong. These planets will color our mood all day. Moon in protective Cancer all day today. Moon squares Mars, 10 34 am. People are erratic and self focused, or rude and entitled, take your pick. Moon opposition Pluto 10 48 am, the volcano erupts. This could be very constructive energy, if you are doing some major cleaning out emotionally and physically. Get rid the garbage. Avoid the power struggles if you can. Moon square Uranus, 12 12 pm, you need space! Avoid people or situations that will want to control you. Mars squares Pluto, 3 23 pm, we are rung out. Great time for a walk or workout at the gym. Be safe.

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Monday, July 16th daily #astrology forecast

You will have to get up early this morning, as the moon goes void of course at 5 56 am. Some of that early morning energy will carry through the day. We just may not be as focused as we like. Moon enters Cancer, 7 31 pm, our emotions are being reconnected. Make sure that you nurture yourself well. The next couple of days are hectic. 

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Saturday, July14 daily #astrology forecast

Mercury goes stationary retrograde today. The time to look back over the last 4 months and to see if we still on track. Moon in Gemini at 7 26 am. We are trying to wrap our head around our day. The morning is great for taking care of all the small jobs around your home or work. We will need a rest at 1 pm, when Moon squares Neptune. A good time to retreat and listen to some soothing music. We are re-energized in the late afternoon, Mercury sextiles Venus, 5 42 pm, a wonderful evening to be with old friends or doing business with existing clients. We feel more connected to those around us. Moon trines Mars, 8 05 pm, our energy is still good and we are ready to continue our adventure. Mercury stationary retrograde, 9 16 pm. Hold your tongue! Moon conjunct Jupiter, 9 56 pm, go ahead and have that extra piece of pie. We are emotionally hungry.

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Thursday, July 12 daily #astrology forecast

Moon in persistent Taurus all day. We have a lot to do and we are going to try to do it all. Moon tines Pluto, 10 34 am, we are clear about how to use the resources and power available to us. The knot can be untangled at this time. Moon squares Mercury, 7 35 pm. Our head is full of ideas but it may be hard to choose just the right one. Seek clarity before you choose.

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Wednesday, July 11 daily #astrology forecast

Moon is void, not making connections to other planets, until 6 30 pm. Your evening will be the most productive. Finish up your odd jobs today, there are plenty of loose ends to tie off. Moon enters Taurus at 6 30 pm, we are grounded. Best time to meet with clients or friends if you need to get things accomplished. Go slow and take your time.

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Tuesday, July 10 daily #astrology forecast

Moon continues in fiery Aries all day. Moon makes connections early in the morning, and we are up early or having a very active dream life. Moon trines Mercury, 6 am, our brain is active and engaged as our feet hit the floor. We are organizing and planning for the day. We keep on our agenda all day. Moon squares Sun, 8 38 pm ( last quarter), time to assess what we did today. We are clear and ready to make plans for the next  day.

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