Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Wednesday, August 22nd daily #astrology forecast

on August 22, 2012

Busy day. Mercury sextiles Jupiter all day. A great day for communications, seeing the big picture, finding common ground and finding solutions. Moon is in discriminating Scorpio all day. We don’t mind looking around every corner. Moon tines Neptune, 5 58 am; you will want to stay in bed. Just try and get up! Sun enters Virgo at 12 07 pm. You have an immediate impulse to clean your house! (just kidding). We are interested in using our time wisely for the next 30 days. Moon sextiles Pluto; 2 59 pm, we are deeply involved in our own projects. We are seeing potential in the things around us. Mercury sextiles Jupiter, 5 57 pm. A great time to close business deals, meet new and interesting people, and to fly to Paris for dinner. 

One response to “Wednesday, August 22nd daily #astrology forecast

  1. Aphelionx says:

    You jest, but I often do catch myself cleaning house around the time of my lunar return in Virgo lol.

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