Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Wednesday, August 22nd daily #astrology forecast

Busy day. Mercury sextiles Jupiter all day. A great day for communications, seeing the big picture, finding common ground and finding solutions. Moon is in discriminating Scorpio all day. We don’t mind looking around every corner. Moon tines Neptune, 5 58 am; you will want to stay in bed. Just try and get up! Sun enters Virgo at 12 07 pm. You have an immediate impulse to clean your house! (just kidding). We are interested in using our time wisely for the next 30 days. Moon sextiles Pluto; 2 59 pm, we are deeply involved in our own projects. We are seeing potential in the things around us. Mercury sextiles Jupiter, 5 57 pm. A great time to close business deals, meet new and interesting people, and to fly to Paris for dinner. 

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Tuesday, August 21st daily #astrology forecast

Moon in relationship oriented Libra all day. One lunar aspect today; Moon conjuncts Saturn, 7 pm. We will want to get our job done today. In the evening, we reassess our current situation and ourselves. Don’t let the inner criticism from Saturn have her way with you.

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Monday, August 20th daily #astrology forecast

Moon in fair Libra all day. We are positively influenced by Sun sextile Mars, all day. This will help to keep us energized, and on track. Moon squares Pluto; 12 pm and then Moon opposes Uranus, 1 25 pm, life is tense and intense. We are trying to keep things in balance and we keep being pulled off center. You will be telling people exactly how you feel. Moon sextiles Mercury; 5 53 pm, we are finally getting our feelings in order. You are still communicating the truth. Moon square Venus, 9 42 pm, time for some comfort food and familiar surroundings. Moon trines Jupiter, 10 32 pm, we have overcome the problems from the morning and we are optimistic about tomorrow.

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Saturday, August 18th daily #astrology forecast

We are guided by Mercury trine Uranus all day. This is a great day for any sort of mental activity. You may be inspired by what you are doing. This will open your mind up. Moon in flexible Virgo all day. Moon trines Pluto; 8 13 am, we are open emotionally and can have some real connections with others. A time to see past the veil. Moon sextiles Venus; 2 05 pm, you should be with others and enjoying their company, a great time for social or business connections. Moon square Jupiter, 6 26 pm, a good time to do something different. Road Trip! Mercury trines Uranus, 7 11 pm, our mind is open and free and looking for some diversion. Let inspiration be your guide!

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Friday, August 17th daily #astrology forecast

We are influenced by the New Moon in Leo and Sun sextile Saturn all day. A good day for planning and looking ahead. The morning opens with Moon in radiant Leo. We have an agenda and we will get things done. Try to get them done before lunch. Sun sextiles Saturn, 7 05 am, we are ready for a day of productive activity. Moon sextiles Saturn,10 39 am, we are emotionally stable now. Great time for problem solving. Moon conjuncts the Sun, new Moon, 10 54 am. We are inspired by seeing the child inside of us. Moon sextiles Mars; 12 55 pm, we are still on track, feeling energized, getting our to do list done. Moon is void after 12:55 pm. Follow the flow of your ego. Moon enters Virgo, 7 33 pm. We are putting our toes in the clean dirt. We are connecting to nature. Moon opposes Neptune, 10 57 pm, we are especially emotionally sensitive tonight. Make sure you are around supportive people.

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Thursday, August 16th daily @astrology forecast

Moon in warm and giving Leo all day. Early in the morning, Venus square Uranus, 1 49 am; this influences us all day. Our patience is at the lowest level. You won’t sleep much or you will be restless all night. Keep your dance card light today. Moon trines Uranus, 4 04 am; we can breathe again and we are happy to have our solitude. Moon sextiles Jupiter, 12 32 pm; we are finally getting into the groove of the day. We are looking for the silver lining.

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Wednesday, August 15 daily #astrology forecast

The day starts with fits and stops in the early morning. Venus opposes Pluto and Mars conjuncts Saturn all day. These two aspects influence our day very strongly. Venus opposes Pluto; what to hold on to and what to let go of, what we value is the most important thing of all. People may try to convince you of something that is not true. Mars conjunct Saturn; we are feeling the pressure of being judged and the judge is us. You are feeling the Thumb. Both of these occur early in the morning. 4 09 am and 5 37 am. You may not sleep well and if you do, you will have an active dream night. Many will want to escape from the pressure of this day. Moon conjuncts Mercury, 10 24 pm, we try to make some sense of the puzzlement of the day. We are still tense as the day ends.

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Tuesday, August 14th daily #astrology forecast

August 14th, Tuesday – Moon in loving and nurturing Cancer all day. There are no exact lunar aspects today. Following an agenda may be hard.

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Monday, August 13th daily #astrology forecast

Moon in emotionally conscious Cancer all day. Moon trines Neptune, 7 30 am; we are feeling at ease this morning but not too focused. You will have to stay on target to get to your appointments on time. Moon conjunct Venus, 2 45 pm; we are eager to connect with others and yet, we still feel a bit distant. Our emotional needs are strong. Moon opposition Pluto, 5 41 pm, relationships are tricky, we are not sure whether to transform what we have or look for something new. Moon square Uranus, 7 26 pm, we are looking for the nearest exit. It all been too much drama and you are looking for the drama-free-zone. 

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Saturday, August 11th daily #astrology forecast

Moon in rational Gemini all day. Great day for getting all those projects done. Moon sextiles Uranus; 7 50 am, Good morning to be up early. We are clear headed and we have a game plan. We favor logic today. Moon conjuncts Jupiter; 3 32 pm, we are open and feeling connected. You will want something that is fun and different to do on this day. Optimism is in the air. Great day for business too. 

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