Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Sunday, September 30th daily #astrology forecast

Moon in adventuresome Aries all day. We are wanting to get away from it all day. Moon sextiles Jupiter, 3 04 pm; this is a good period to interact with others for business or personal. People are more amenable. We don’t want to do the same old thing. Last lunar aspect of the day. 

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Saturday, September 29th daily #astrology forecast

The Harvest Full Moon in Aries will make us want to stay safe. On this day, we are having a harsh planetary alignment. This starts very early in the morning, 2 16 am and will have an impact on us the entire day. Sun Opposition Uranus, 2 16 am; we are not tolerant of restrictions or ideas that oppose us. Energies are volatile. Seek a peaceful path. Sun Squares Pluto, 12 54 pm; we are feeling somewhat repressed. We need to make decisions to move forward and leave the past behind. 
Moon conjunct Uranus, 8 40 pm, we are speaking freely about how we feel and we don’t care who knows it. Tensions are reaching a breaking point. Find out what is unique and special about you and stay focused on that. Moon squares Pluto, 9 34 pm; time to clean out the emotional baggage. We are extra sensitive now. Be careful about what you say. Moon opposes Sun, 10 19 pm, Full Moon Aries/Libra; relationship energies are volatile right now; between individuals and nations. Decisions made tonight have a feel of finality to them. Choose carefully.
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Friday, September 28th daily #astrology forecast

Moon is in psychic Pisces all day. And we are feeling the influence of the upcoming Full Moon on Saturday. We are feeling the undercurrent of the tension. Moon squares Jupiter; 6 30 am, we have high hopes for the day? We are needing more emotional support at this time. Moon trines Mars, 9 35 pm; a good time to act on your hunches and follow your instincts. We are interested in an adventure this evening. 

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Thursday, September 27th daily #astrology forecast

Moon starts the day in non-judgmental Pisces. Early, Venus squares Mars, 3 50 am; this may keep us awake from the night before. We are insistent about getting our needs met. Look for some of this in your dream life. Moon sextiles Pluto, only lunar aspect of the day, 1 11 pm; we see that what we are doing is making a bigger impact than we anticipated. You may want to comfort those around you who are having some struggles.

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Wednesday, September 26th daily #astrology forecast

Our day is a busy mental one with Mercury trining Jupiter all starting at 9 09 am. We are attracted to word games and word play. Good day for brain storming, advertising, or marketing. Moon continues in intellectual Aquarius all day. Moon opposes Venus, 10 27 am; we see the beauty in ourselves and in others. Good time for partnerships, romantic or business. Moon square Mars, 11 05 am; we are feeling impatient and restless. If you see drama, run the other way! Moon trine Saturn, 10 33 pm; we are making the most of the day, eking out everything we can. We are clear about the future and realistic about finding the best way there. 

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Translating English into the Language of #Astrology

Translating English into the Language of Astrology
When: Every Wednesday, Oct. 10th through Nov 14th, 7 PM until 9 PM
Where: Lilly’s Little Class Room
Cost: $90
Contact: Lilly at, 713-529-5842
In this different approach to interpreting Astrology, we will translate English sentences and ideas into Astrology by examining different ways situations can be “written” in the Astrological chart. For example, “I have a bossy brother” can be written as “Saturn in Gemini’, ‘Mercury square Saturn’, or ‘Mercury in Capricorn in the Third House opposing Uranus in Cancer’. This should be a fun class that allows you to think outside of the normal approach, and challenges your Mercury. For this class you will need to be familiar with the basics. Join Lilly for this next six week class!
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Tuesday, September 25th daily #astrology forecast

Moon in unconventional Aquarius all day. Moon sextiles Uranus, 6 26 am; we will want an early start for our day. We are open, hopeful and know that we are following the right path. Moon trines Mercury, 10 13 pm; our communications skills are really working this evening. People are open to seeing other points of view. Great time for problem solving or negotiations.

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Monday, September 24 daily #astrology forecast

We continue with Moon in work-oriented Capricorn. Moon sextile Mars, 2 49 am, as you wake up this morning, you are ready to face the day. No obstacle can stand in your way. Moon squares Saturn, 4 19 pm; energy are low and we are all too aware of our short comings. Focus on the problem and not the blame. Moon is void until from 4 19 pm until 6 32 pm. Good time to sit and review the day. Moon enters freedom loving Aquarius at 6 32 pm. Moon trines the Sun, 10 57 pm, great energy for almost any activity, from friendship to romance to business. 

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Saturday, September 22nd daily #astrology forecast

The Suns enters Libra, first day of Fall, 9 49 am cdt. Moon continues her journey through inquisitive Sagittarius until 11 45 am. Get your errands done this morning before 11 45 am. Moon sextile Saturn, 11 45 am; we are being logical and practical today in our choices. Moon is void until 2 20 pm, when she enters hard working Capricorn. Moon squares Sun, 2 41 pm, we are looking for a project and someone to help us with that project. Moon sextiles Neptune, 4 02 pm; we are able to see the big picture, solve all the world’s problems, have an extra margarita…all from the comfort of our patio. Invite some friends over, it can turn into a party!

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Friday, September 21st daily #astrology forecast

Moon in light and lively Sagittarius all day. We are feeling more upbeat and positive about today. Moon opposes Jupiter, 2 41 pm, good afternoon for meeting new people, promoting or marketing you or your business. We are extra talkative today. Moon trines Venus, 4 01 pm; we can really speak about what’s important to us, especially those close to us. Good time for any type of negotiations. 

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