Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Wednesday, October 31st daily #astrology forecast

Happy Halloween!  Moon is void in Taurus as the day begins. Moon enters mental gymnastic Gemini at 1 40 pm. We are feeling a bit more connected and our brain is trying to work. Moon squares Neptune, 2 28 pm; time to contemplate the nature of the Universe and our place in it. Not the best time for work activity. Moon opposes Mercury, 5 55 pm; we are ready to meet with people, share our views and ask for candy! Good time for sales or training. Moon trine Venus, 10 33 pm; best to be snuggling up with someone you love or counting all the candy you just got from trick or treating!


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Tuesday, October 30th daily #astrology forecast

Moon in Taurus, void-of-course all day. Allow your sensual side to steer the boat today. Sun sextiles Pluto, 5 28 am, This is a day of revelations about the self. We are understanding more about what really drives us; those unconscious hidden motives. This aspect is in affect all day. The understanding is the key, not the action upon what you discover.

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Monday, October 29th daily #astrology forecast

Moon in Taurus as the day begins. Get your activities accomplished early this morning. Moon opposes Saturn, 6 55 am; we are setting our agenda for the day. Don’t take life too seriously or you will miss all the jokes. Mercury square Neptune, 12 41 pm; this is in affect all day. Great time for changing your routines. Our psychic senses are stronger and things bother us more than usual. You will want to be away from crowds today. Take an extra long lunch. Moon opposes Sun, 2 49 pm, full Moon in Taurus; this will help bring some grounded energy to the day, since we really need it. Moon trines Pluto, 4 01 pm; good time for uncovering hidden emotional agendas. Moon goes void after this time. Follow your path of meditation.

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Saturday, October 27th daily #astrology forecast

Moon in lively Aries all day! Moon conjuncts Uranus and squares Pluto early in the morning. This could be an active dream night or a restless night. Moon trines Mars, 7 44 am; we are ready to make the best of the day. Make your plans early. Moon sextiles Jupiter, 8 32 pm; great evening for social or business. We are open and optimistic. Our energies levels remain strong through the next day.

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Friday, October 26th daily #astrology forecast

Moon in spiritual Pisces as the morning begins. The early part of the morning is best. Moon trines Mercury, 9 44 am; we are moving through the day easily. Good day to work with others as our psychic sensors are working well. Pay attention to how you feel! Moon opposes Venus, 10 04 am; great time for problem solving. We are open to others’ point of view. Moon goes void until 2 31 pm when it enters energetic Aries. We feel a real boost in our pep. We will do better through the day if we are more spontaneous.

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Thursday, October 25th daily #astrology forecast

Sun conjuncts  Saturn, 3 32 am. This will impact us all day. Self evaluation, thinking about your financial future, your emotional connections with your partner and the whole issue of trust is everywhere. We may feel very heavy or burdened all day. Take some time out for breaks. Moon Squares Mars, 6 33 am, we are up early and our emotions are on our sleeve for anyone to bump up against accidentally. We are feeling threatened. Go for walk and let this energy have a healthier outlet. Moon square Jupiter, 11 09 am; you my be busier that you can handle at this time. Prioritize and stay centered. Mercury sextile Venus, 12 11 pm, this aspect is in affect all day. We are clearly communicating our needs. Wonderful day for business, negotiating, selling, writingschool workor creative solutions. 


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Wednesday, October 24th daily #astrology forecast

Moon in open hearted Pisces all day. We are all a little bit psychic today which may describe our moods today. Moon conjuncts Neptune, 6 50 am; just stay in bed until 8 53 am when the Moon trines Sun and you are finally feeling grounded. Or you could do some early morning meditation and call in late for work. Moon trines Saturn, 10 09 am, another good time for completing task and getting your work done. We are working on making our selves feel safer. Moon sextiles Pluto, 7 31 pm; a good evening for discussing money issues, deeper connections in your relationships and for taking out the garbage.

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Tuesday, October 23rd daily #astrology forecast

Moon in big minded Aquarius all day. Moon trines Jupiter, 4 06 am, we are optimistic early this morning. Solutions seem within our grasp. Sun trines Neptune, 6 15 am and all day; this will make us want to have a very peaceful day. You will have been feeling this since yesterday. This is good for imaginative work, writing, and downloading photos on pinterest all day. Moon squares Mercury, 8 27 pm; we are trying to make up for what we didn’t get done earlier today and get ready for tomorrow. We may feel a bit scattered. Moon is void after this time. Escape to some sci-fi or fantasy and worry about things tomorrow.

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Saturday, October 20th daily #astrology forecast

Moon in productive Capricorn all day. Our lunar aspects are early and tension oriented this morning. Find your quiet spot and go there. Moon squares Uranus, 6 18 am; we are up early and not sure what we want to do; except to “ not have to decide”. We need lots of space at this time. Moon conjuncts Pluto, 8 49 am; opportune time to get to the bottom of anything. We want to know the truth, even if there is none.  No more lunar aspects for the day. Work on your to do list.

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Thursday, October 18th daily #astrology forecast

Moon in fun and playful Sagittarius all day. Moon trines Uranus at 4 50 am, our brain is active early and we are awake. You might as well just get up. Moon conjuncts Mars at 8 41 am; Our emotions are right on the surface. People will make us mad even when they don’t mean to. Have a good cry or a good workout at the gym and let that energy out! Don’t hold it in. We are ready to tackle any big project or challenge. Good for any sort of household activity. Moon opposes Jupiter at 9 32 pm; great evening to get away from it all. A short drive to the beach or to the lake will really help to wring out your soul. Good for travel, classes, meeting new people or changing your routines.

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