Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Wednesday, November 28th,

on November 28, 2012

 Moon in mentally quick Gemini all day. Moon sextile Uranus, 4 33 am; we are up early this morning, getting our day in order. Moon opposes Sun, 8 46 am, Lunar Eclipse in Gemini. Our hearts and minds are open to new ideas. We are able to have a larger view of the world and our place in it. Personally, we may be nervous or restless today. Great time to brain storm. Venus sextiles Pluto, 10 01 am; we are getting clear on what has real meaning and value in our lives. A better day for real compromise.  Moon conjuncts Jupiter, 7 04 pm; we are open to new feeling and new emotions. It is a great time to expand your ideals and dreams.  Moon goes void of course; 7 04 pm Wednesday until Friday Morning, 7 55 am. Don’t get too scattered during this time. Take care of what is in front of you and don’t add more to your plate. 


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