Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Saturday, November 10th daily #astrology forecast

Moon in balancing Libra all day. Moon sextiles Mercury, 9 06 am; great day to chat, run errands, finish a paper, or clean out your closet. Moon opposes Uranus, 12 06 pm; time for a break! Do something spontaneous. People are feeling rebellious. Moon square Pluto, 4 33 pm; our emotions are raw and we are on our last nerve. A good time for emotional cleansing, some meditation or just some time to yourself.

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Friday, November 9th daily #astrology forecast

Moon in work oriented Virgo all day. Venus trines Jupiter, 1 26 am, this will give us sweet dreams for Thursday night and Friday morning. Since this aspect will be in affect all day; it’s a Wonderful day for any type of negotiations or relationships. Our heart is full of love today. Moon sextiles Sun, 5 57 am; we are up early and feeling good about the day. We have lots of things to do today and we need to get started. Moon square Mars, 6 27 pm; emotions are strong and our tolerance is low. Drive safely. Moon is void after 6 27 pm in Virgo. Seek the inner Virgin, the one who remains true to herself.


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Thursday, November 8th, daily #astrology forecast

Moon in work oriented Virgo all day. Moon sextiles Saturn, 5 57 am; we are up early and ready to plow the back forty. Moon squares Mercury, 6 06 am; we have an extra long list this morning. We are feeling a bit scattered, but it’s a good time to juggle. Moon trines Pluto, 12 25 pm; we are having a good but serious lunch time. A great time for being a detective or to do some problem solving.


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Tuesday, November 6th daily #astrology forecast

Election Day! Mercury is stationary retrograde today. Voting problems abound! Moon in passionate Leo all day. Moon sextiles Venus, 11 14 am; good time to get your point of view across to others. We are feeling like detectives. Mercury goes stationary retrograde until the end of the month, 5 04 pm. A time for review of past expenditures both financial and emotional. Moon sextiles Jupiter, 5 45 pm; good time for a social gathering and watching the election results. Moon squares Sun, 6 36 pm, we are introspective about our future. We want to hope for the best but we are not sure.

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Monday, November 5th daily #astrology forecast

Moon continues void as the day begins. Moon finally enters energetic Leo at 1 39 pm and we are back to feeling grounded. Moon squares Saturn, 8 58 pm; we are trying to get organized and are wondering why we wasted so much time. Careful that you aren’t too overly critical. Moon trines Mercury, 9 57 pm; great energy for conversation, problem solving and reviewing the past.

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Saturday, November 3rd daily #astrology forecast

Moon in nurturing Cancer all day. Moon trines Saturn, 9 43 am, we are up and setting our agenda for the day. We plan to get a lot done. Venus square Pluto, 12 26 pm; this is in effect all day. We are looking at the things that are important to us and getting rid of the things that aren’t. Relationships energies are edgy all day. Moon square Uranus, 1 20 pm; looking for a new approach to life and family. We want to create our own traditions. Moon opposition Pluto, 5 45 pm; our emotional needs must be answered and right now! We want to understand others on a deeper level. Moon square Venus, 6 31 pm; we are relaxing into the evening and are ready to let go of all that stuff from earlier in the day.


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Friday, November 2nd daily #astrology forecast

Moon in Gemini, the Juggler,  as the day begins. Get what you can done early as the Moon is void the whole day. You may feel scattered or forgetful today. Allow your mind to wander.


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Thursday, November 1st daily #astrology forecast

Moon in versatile Gemini all day, and NOT void of course. Venus opposes Uranus, 5 06 pm; we will need our space and freedom today. Too many demands can drive you crazy. We want to see the world differently and to think way outside the box. This aspect is in affect all day.



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