Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Saturday, December 22rd, Daily #Astrology Forecast

on December 22, 2012

  Moon continues in assertive Aries as we start the day. Sun sextiles Neptune, 12 49 am; we look for both rational solutions and hope. Dreams can take root. This is in affect all day. Moon squares Mars, 6 57 am; good time to be working out at the gym or scream therapy release work. Tempers are short. Moon is void until 12 25 pm. Keep your Saturn Day plans realistic and you will get more done. Moon enters earthy Taurus at 12 25 and things begin to move more easily. Moon sextiles Neptune, 2 07 pm; we are sensitive to the people around us. Trust your gut. Moon trines Sun, 3 19 pm; great time to be getting things done, making good social contacts, and making best use of the Holiday Spirit. Venus opposes Jupiter, 9 50 pm; there is hope in our hearts. We have the chance to be more magnanimous. Otherwise, it a good day to indulge your senses. This is affect all day.

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