Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Sunday, December 30th, Daily #Astrology Forecast

on December 30, 2012

 Moon in creative and self centered Leo all day. Sun conjunct Pluto, 7 37 am; we work to get rid of the muck and negativity. We are not wearing our mask. We see ourselves as we are. This is in affect all day. Moon opposes Mars, 8 47 am; our feelings are like a chip on our shoulder, daring others to knock them off. Find a better outlet like the gym.  Moon trines Uranus, 11 01 am; we are trying to integrate what we are experiencing.  A great day to get out and do something different. We can see the whole picture now.  Sun sextiles Saturn, 11 45 am; we are certainly going to be working on ourselves today. Great day for any task or work project. Focus on your priorities. This is affect all day. Moon sextiles Jupiter, 5 07 pm; wonderful energies for almost anything. Great time for business or recreation. And a time to decompress after the morning. Moon squares Saturn, 8 14 pm; we evaluate our day. Don’t let the “negative parent self” run the show. Stand up for yourself.

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