Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Friday, December 21st, Daily #Astrology Forecast

 Moon in active and inquisitive Aries all day. Sun enters Capricorn, 5 12 am, CST; The Winter Solstice. Capricorn is a sign that wants to be active, productive and to use their resources in the best possible way.  That is the sign we enter into as Winter begins. Frugality and Caution are called for. Moon trines Mercury, 6 13 am; we are up early and feeling good about our day. This is a good energy for small task, organizing or planning. This is our only Lunar aspects of the day as she guides us through the day.

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December 20th, Thursday, Daily #Astrology Forecast

Moon in risk taking Aries all day. We will be sharing our truth with others today. Moon conjuncts Uranus, 10 34 am; we just gotta be free. Be spontaneous today and do something different. Moon trines Venus, 12 40 pm; wonderful time for a mix of lunch, friendship and business. For some, this could be monkey business. Moon squares Pluto, 6 51 pm; our emotional nature is stirred up. Out with the bad emotions, in with the good emotions! Moon sextiles Jupiter, 6 54 pm; find a happier place to be and go there. And get out for the evening and attend some holiday parties. Winter starts tomorrow!

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December 19th, Wednesday, Daily #Astrology Forecast

 Moon continues in psychic Pisces all day. Venus trines Uranus, 3 39 pm; we are open to new ideas and different approaches to life. Friends could be especially beneficial on this day. This aspect will be in play all day. Moon sextiles Mars, 4 44 pm; we are happy to be busy and active. Good time to tackle a new project.

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December 18th, Tuesday, Daily #Astrology Forecast

 Moon in sensitive Pisces all day. Moon trines Saturn, 9 46 am; we are being productive this morning and finally getting some focus and some energy back. Moon sextiles Pluto, 10 34 am; perfect time to unlock aspects of the self that you have not seen before. Otherwise; you are looking at the motivations of others and trying to figure them out. Moon squares Jupiter, 11 16 am, great time to be with friends or friendly co-workers. We are ready for the holiday vacation to start now!! Moon square Mercury, 2 10 pm; we are not as focused as we would like. Slow down and don’t juggle as much.

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December 17th, Monday, Daily #Astrology Forecast

 Moon continues in freedom loving Aquarius as the day begins. Your morning will be the best time to get things done, shopping, decorating, or visiting with friends. Moon sextiles Sun, 12 11 pm; good time for interacting with others, selling, making new contacts, and thinking about your plans for the holidays. Moon is void from 12 11 pm until 6 48 pm, when Luna enters psychic and sympathetic Pisces. Mercury opposes Jupiter, 1 22 pm; our mind is full of ideas. We are seeing the big picture and looking for the best opportunities. This is in affect all day and will keep our minds very busy. Moon enters  peaceful Pisces, 6 48 pm. Moon conjuncts Neptune, 8 07 pm; a good time for a séance, an astrology reading or sipping some Baily’s Irish Cream.

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Sunday, December 16th, Daily #Astrology Forecast

 Moon in open and experimental Aquarius all day. Moon sextiles Mercury, 4 03 am, if you are up early, you are mentally alert and making plans for the day. Moon squares Saturn, 5 27 am; our chores greet us with our morning coffee. Moon tines Jupiter, 7 38 am; we are getting things done and adding more to our list of chores. Venus square Neptune, 12 25 pm; we are in a low energy mood and this will permeate your whole day. Even though you will have more energy in the morning, as we progress to the evening, you will want to be in a safe and comfortable place to nurture your inner desires. This will be in affect all day.

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Saturday, December 15th, Daily #Astrology Forecast

 Moon continues in work oriented Capricorn as the day begins. Most of the aspects for the day are very early and may only show up in your dream state. Moon conjuncts Mars, 2 17 am, restless energy. Good for staying up late from the night before. Moon sextiles Venus, 3 15 pm; we are clear about what’s important in your life and where we want to put our resources. Moon enters mentally active Aquarius at 3 53 pm. Venus enters Sagittarius, 10 48 pm. Normally, this would be a good boost of energy but with the square to Neptune tomorrow, this will keep our energies more sensitized. And we will not want to be around the drama.

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Friday, December 14th, Daily #Astrology Forecast

 Moon in structured and judgmental Capricorn all day. Early morning aspects will get our day going and with an agenda. Moon sextiles Saturn, 4 24 am; we are planning out day, even in our dreams. Mercury trines Uranus,

5 25 am; we are thinking quickly, coming up with new ideas and approaches to anything that blocks our path. This increases your nerve activity, so you may be feel a bit jittery through the entire day. Mercury trine Uranus is in affect all day. Moon conjuncts  Pluto, 5 30 am, time to get to the bottom of things. Our emotions are being exposed. Be care about who you show them to. This is the last lunar aspects of the day.

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Thursday, December 13th, Daily #Astrology Forecast

As we awake; there is a New Moon in Sagittarius at 2 42 am. Moon is void after 2 42 am and remains void of course until 3 43 pm. Keep your plans for the day realistic. Uranus goes direct, 6 02 am. You will feel the energy speed up. We feel that we need to get things done right now. Moon enters practical Capricorn, 3 34 pm. Moon sextiles Neptune, 5 46 pm; we are looking for the best of all worlds. We are willing to be more open and talk about aspects of the inner self with those we trust. Moon squares Uranus, 11 01 pm, this adds to the general sense of unrest on the planet. We may not sleep well or much this evening. Throw the box away and think for yourself.

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Wednesday, December 12th, Daily #Astrology Forecast

 Moon in optimist Sagittarius all day. Moon opposes Jupiter; 8 12 am. We have a lot to get done today. Don’t take on too many projects. We are all speaking about the world in larger terms and how it affects us. Great energy for negotiations, closing business deals, and mixing business and pleasure. This is the only Lunar aspect for the day. Enjoy!

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