Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Monday, February 4th, Daily #Atrology Forecast by Lilly Roddy

on February 4, 2013

 A busy day of planet activity. Moon continues in persistent Scorpio.  Moon squares Mercury, 6 31 am; we are busy mentally this morning. we could be feeling scattered as we try to keep a good handle on things. Moon now goes void of course, 6 31 am until 9 45 am. Moon void in Scorpio, hold your breath so no one will know you are here. Moon enters ebullient Sagittarius. Breath out. Our spirits are lightened. The afternoon is a time of low energy. Keep things very realistic.  Moon square Mars, 1 25 pm; our emotions are speaking loudly. But we mostly want to get out of Dodge. Keep your schedule as open and as flexible as possible. Moon square Neptune, 1 30 pm; feelings are going to expressed and you will not hold them back. Mars Conjuncts Neptune, 2 57 pm. Personal reasons justify how we want to act, based on our sense of morality. Fighting and dying for a cause. Personally, if you see drama, run the other way. Moon sextiles Venus, 3 40 pm; we are trying to find some peace of mind. It would help to have someone to talk and share with at this time. Moon trines Uranus, 7 33 pm; look for some activity that will let your escape from your routines. Moon opposition Jupiter, 8 32 pm; we are feeling a bit more light hearted. Look for things to assist you in distraction.

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