Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Wednesday, February 6th, Daily #Astrology from Lilly Roddy

on February 6, 2013

 another busy planet day! Moon remains void until 11 55 am when she enters task oriented Capricorn.  Keep your morning flexible and make your plans for the afternoon. Venus sextiles Uranus, 1 08 pm; our negotiating skills are at their best today. Great day for team building. This is in effect all day. Moon sextiles Mercury, 3 31 pm; we can easily communicate what we want and how we feel. Moon sextiles Neptune, 3 41 pm; our concerns reach out to those around us. Mercury conjunct Neptune, 5 pm; psychic communications are very strong. It may be hard to stay out of other’s personal goo. Make sure your choice are best for you and not what’s best for others. The best use of this energy is to take the day off and go to the lake or the beach. Moon sextiles Mars, 6 21 pm; we are a bit more energetic. Moon squares Uranus, 9 37 pm; do something different this evening. Obligations will make you feel trapped. You may just feel restless, no matter where you are.  Venus trine Jupiter, 11 58 pm; our heart finally begins to open. This could be a great evening to be with someone very special. This is in affect all day and all of tomorrow.

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