Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Wednesday, March, 27th, Daily #Astrology Forecast by Lilly Roddy

on March 27, 2013

 Moon in reflective Libra all day. Get ready, this is a bumpy day!!! Moon opposes Venus, 3 49 am, if you are awake, this is a time when you will want company. Otherwise, this is a time for very sweet dreams.  Moon opposes the Sun, 4 27 am, Full Moon in Libra. You will be up early. We are listening to what other say and we definitely want them to listen to us. Tempers are short all day. We are all a bit wound up. Moon opposes Uranus, 7 05 am; if you driving to work, give the other drivers plenty of room. We are feeling very passionate about  things. It will be hard to take words back. Moon trines Jupiter, 11 50 am; we take a few steps back to get a bigger picture. We are more open to new ideas. Cooler heads prevail. Moon square Pluto, 12 27 pm; back to the getting at the core of the issue. Avoid power struggles unless you are really committed to your cause. Diplomacy is still the best choice. Moon opposes Mars, 1 14 pm; we are acting on how we feel. We must take our own best interest at heart. Speak your piece. They don’t have to like it. They just have to listen, but stay out of arms reach as you speak. Moon goes void of course in Libra at 1 14 pm. A good time to take some time for personal reflection over the events of the day. Make it a long lunch. The rest of the day is less eventful but you will still feel that your nerves are on end. Take some time for meditation or a nice long walk. The intensity continues through tomorrow.

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