Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Friday, May 31st, Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy

on May 31, 2013

Moon in spiritually minded Pisces all day. Mercury enters Cancer, 207 am. We will be communicating our feeling until Mercury enters Leo on August 8th. Get out the box of tissues. Moon conjuncts Neptune, 4 54 am; this is a perfect time to sleep in. Mars enters Gemini,  5 39 am. We are more mentally quick but are also a little less patient. Mars visits Gemini until July 13th. Moon trines Saturn, 5 54 am; we are happily making our “To Do” list. Moon squares Sun, 1 58 pm; we are feeling a bit more motivated this afternoon. A good time for mental creativity. Moon sextiles Pluto, 2 58 pm. Our desire to get to the bottom of things increases. This is a good time to communicate about your deeper feelings as part of the process of detoxifying your emotional body and releasing the negative energies to the wind. It’s a great time for detail work.

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