Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Wednesday, July 31st, Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Astrocast

on July 31, 2013

 Moon continues Void of Course in Taurus as the morning opens. The energy is very strong this morning! We may have a lot we want to do but may not be able to complete our task. Moon enters mentally active Gemini at 10 42 am. Try to plan your activities and task after this time to insure greater success. Moon square Neptune, 8 04 pm; this is a time of emotional retreat. Choose your company well this evening, as emotions are right on the surface. Mars square Uranus, 10 08 pm; this has been the energetic driver for the day. And this is also part of the ongoing Grand Sextile. This planetary combination will keep us very brisk energetically but also very edgy. Use this energy for brain storming, looking for new ways to express yourself and to renew your interest in your own activities and goals. Avoid drama if you can and make sure you have an exit plan for where ever you are going. This may also make it difficult to sleep tonight or our dreams could be bizarre tonight.

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