Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Friday, November 1st, Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Astrocast

on November 1, 2013

Friday, November 1st Moon in Libra all day. It’s going to be an active and intense day. And this intensity will continue through Sunday with the Eclipse. Moon square Pluto, 12 26 am; if you were awake, you feelings are on edge. Moon opposes Uranus, 12 27 am; as this aspects only increases our need for escape and freedom from what oppresses us. Uranus square Pluto, 6 13 am; this aspect has been in play since 2008 and is the main factor in the large level social changes we have been seeing. Although this is at a peak today, tension will continue through Sunday. Uranus pushes us toward a new sense of personal freedom and Pluto is tearing down the old order. This struggle will continue with these two planet through the end of 2015. And yes, this aspect is in affect all day. Mercury sextiles Mars, 7 03 am; intellect and action meet. This is a wonderful aspect for applying yourself to things that need to be addressed and completed. This will bring us some focus today and your energy levels should remain strong all day!. This aspect is also in affect all day. Sun sextiles Pluto, 12 02 pm; a time to take an accounting of where you are. You are looking at the past but considering what actions to take to improve your over all life. We are not as afraid to look at our own crap today. This aspect is in affect all day, but we are not done. Sun conjuncts Mercury, 3 19 pm; we are communicating clearly and we have a lot to say. This is very good for organizing, writing, cleaning out and focusing on yourself. This can make us feel a bit hyper. This is also in affect all day. Mercury sextile Pluto, 5 46 pm; we are deep in thought at this time. We are clearly feeling more organized and in control of where we are going. This is a great aspect for business interactions, reconsidering your current investments or just working on your novel. This is also in affect all day. Moon squares Jupiter, 8 pm; we are needing a break from our routines. Get out and enjoy some diversions!

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