Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Astrologer, Lilly Roddy’s January 2014 #Astrology Forecast

on December 31, 2013
January 2014 Monthly Astrocast from Lilly Roddy
General Information: Happy New Year!
          We start this month off with Venus, planet of money, desire and beauty, retrograde. This is suppose to make us question those parts of ourselves to determine if we are being true to our own selves. If you are having some problems in your relationship, this will certainly bring them to the surface so you can talk about them. If you are considering new financial investment, this is the perfect time to do your homework but not the time to move forward. Venus goes station direct on the 31st of the this month but it would be better to wait until mid February before you take any actions on what you have discovered over the last month.
          There is some tension and a bit of recklessness in the air as the month opens. I hope your New Year’s Eve was safe and sane. Good days for this month are the 3rd, 5th, 6th, maybe the 7th, 11th, 17th, 23rd, and the 29th. Days to avoid drama and chaos are the 1st, 2nd, 8th, 16th, 25th and the 31st.
          We do have two New Moons this month and one Full Moon. This is called a Black Moon! A Blue Moon is when we have two Full Moons in a month. The first New Moon is on January 1st and is in Capricorn, the sign of career and structured activity. We will really feel like making those New Year’s resolutions! The Full Moon is on the 15th in Cancer, the sign of home and roots. We are making our nest more comfortable. The next New Moon is on the 30th in Aquarius, the sign of social consciousness and progressive thought. 
Aries – Career and your future plans are what is on your New Year’s menu. You are reexamining your current career path with Venus retrograding there. You may seriously question if you are in the right place. I know your patience is short but you will want to wait until mid July before you make any announcements about your decisions. Relationships can feel a bit restrictive now. Make sure you have some time for yourself this month. You will need it. About mid month, look for some social outlets, gym, civic group, activist:  so you can release some of your tension and feel that you are making some headway.
 Taurus – This month, your ruler, Venus, is retrograde. You are feeling nostalgic and looking back into happy times in your life. Because of the reflective process, this is also making you question your choices in your life. Never the less, You continue to push forward on your overall plans to create more stability financially. You may have already made the decision but you may want to wait till February before you move forward. By mid month, you do feel more like focusing making decisions on your career/future plans. You are going to have to pay attention to your health this year. Make that a part of your New Year’s resolution.
Gemini – You are focused on trusting others this month. You are wanting to get to know the people that you interact with on a much more personal basis. Your romantic relationship will also want to be deepened and reassured.  Arguments can arise during this time because you are wanting to get past that barrier that you feel. At work, you are getting your work space all cleaned and organized. By mid month, get out of the house and meet with your friends or colleagues. You need a change! At the very end of the month, you need some time to retreat to a spa.
Cancer – Your relationship energies are very active this month. You also have Venus, planet of relationships, helping you re-examine your past choices in commitments both business and personal. If you are in a partnership, you are making sure that both of you are working toward the same goal. If you are single, this could be a time when old friends and lovers show up! Home and family is very busy for quite a while this year. You will want to make your nest more comfortable. Family issues are likely to show up. Decide what’s best for you not what’s best for the family.
Leo – This month you are doing a lot of house cleaning, both at home and at work. Overall, you are working on making the best use of your resources and making future plans. By getting things in order, you will be doing that very thing. Your work space will be getting an overhaul as well. You will even feel more confident about yourself by mid month. Your daily life is extra busy. You may have too many things on your calendar at the same time. If you try to please everyone, you will run yourself ragged. Just ask yourself, what’s best for me? That will show you the right choice.
Virgo – As the New Year begins, you are feeling a bit laid back. You continue to be in a creative and productive mode even with Venus retrograde. You are continuing to take some risk and put yourself out there. You may not have a lot of patience with those who can’t make decisions as quickly as you. About mid month, you are more ready to get back to your routines. For business, continue to expand your social contacts via groups or business associations. Right at the end of the month, you will need some alone time. Make sure you put it on your schedule.
Libra – This is very mixed month for you energetically. Your home and family area is very busy. There could be lots of extra family activity even after the holidays the long gone. You will want to make your own home more comfortable for you and your family. Your energy level is stronger than usual and others may see you as pushy and impatient.  Your romantic relationship may be making your feel trapped if you have to try to please everyone. And in career, you are extra busy!  Focus on your boundaries to see where you are over committed. Some exercise or dance would really be good for you this year. Have some fun!
Scorpio – You are getting your thoughts and ideas in order as the month begins. You have been in a future planning time since last year, but that seems even stronger now. You are trying to make the best use of your time and to make sure that you get some time to yourself. By mid month, you are ready for a break from all activity. You need some time to recharge. You will want to be home with your family and friends feeling free of all the responsibility. This is a very good time for you do some journaling and self reflecting.
Sagittarius – Busy as always, and this year is no exception. You are closely examining how you use your personal resources. You are wanting more from the people and activities you engage in. If you are not getting that, you are ending some of those associations. This is a great month to work on any sort of financial planning or past debts. By mid month, you are more into your regular routine. Make sure you get out and spend some time with your friends. They can be very helpful since you are still questioning your current career path. That will be really heightened at the end of the month. Take some time to consider that.
Capricorn – Your relationships, both business and personal, are really being spotlighted this month. You are looking at the relationships that you are in and how well they serve you. This would be a good time to engage in any conversations that would help or improve your relationships. This goes from romantic to business, to those whose services you use? You are holding people more accountable including yourself! You are ready to set some new goals this year but you may have to wait until after the end of the month to put them into play.
Aquarius – You are ready for a retreat as the month opens. You have been extra busy and are ready for a break in the action. This is a great month for a short get away or a spa retreat! By mid month, you will feel your energies get stronger and you will be back on your path of planning and making your career plans. You are trying to make some decisions about all this but you may not feel comfortable about your choices until after mid July. This is a good time for writing or other creative activities.
Pisces – The holidays and social activities continue for you throughout this month. With this extended holiday time, you are taking a hard look at who your friends are. You may have felt that there was something lacking for a while, but you are ready to let go. Your sense of duty and responsibility kept you involved. Your sensitivity levels are very stronger, especially at the end of the month. Make sure you have some time to get away from it all. Travel is good for you but it may be somewhat of a hassle even if you enjoy your trip. Travel is best for business or a practical purpose, like visiting your dentist in Mexico or looking for retirement property.


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