Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Wednesday, January 22nd Daily #Astrology Forecast with Lilly Roddy AStrocast

on January 22, 2014

Wednesday, January 22nd:  The Moon resides in Libra as the day begins.

         Moon opposes Uranus, 12:22 am; this may keep you awake from the night before.  If you are awake, you need something to keep you entertained.  You will want to share some of your deeper emotional feelings.

         Moon squares Pluto, 5:53 am; a good morning for an intellectual debate on equality, or a great time to sweat it out at the gym.  There will be other people awake there for you to talk to.

         Moon squares Jupiter, 8:20 am; about this time you will begin to feel that you have too much to do and you are right.  Keep your morning activities upbeat and light.  Superficial can work here!

         Moon squares Venus, 12:06 pm; you are ready for lunch and you have a big appetite.  This is a great afternoon for gossip.          Moon trines Mercury, 6:00 pm; our communication skills are flowing this evening.  Great time to organize, write or attend a lecture.

         Moon conjuncts Mars, 9:50 pm; our emotions are very present this evening.  This can give us a lot of energy or make us very defensive.  At this time, it is especially important to avoid being around people you do not like.  If the gym is open, it’s a good time to go.

         The Moon is now void-of-course after 9:50 pm and remains so until 3:43 pm tomorrow.  You may feel restless and it may be harder to go to sleep tonight.  This is a long void-of-course Moon phase.  Keep your agenda simple and things will work fine. All times are CST.

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