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Saturn’s Day, January 25th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Astrocast

on January 25, 2014

Saturday, January 25th:  The Moon continues her journey through Scorpio as the morning begins.

         Mercury squares Saturn, 5:56 am; we are very aware of what we are saying and how people are responding.  We may feel limited or restricted in our conversations today.  There may be things that have to be finished today! 

        Watch out for your inner negative voice.  She will be looking for errors.  This aspect is in effect all day. 

        Moon conjuncts Saturn, 7:42 am; we will feel like we awoke on the wrong side of the bed.  This aspect can be a good early time for getting your agenda set if you aren’t overly self-critical about what you “ain’t” done yet.  Take some time and enjoy your morning.  There’s plenty of time for the chores, John Boy! 

        Moon squares Mercury, 7:55 am; our “organizing” morning continues.  We are trying to be as efficient as possible.  If you feel restless, just clean out a closet or a filing cabinet. 

        The Moon is now void-of-course after 7:55 am and remains so until 9:13 pm.

         Usually, the time during which the Moon is void-of-course is a good time for you follow your instincts, but not for adhering to a scheduled agenda;  or, it may be a time when you just seem to have low energy. 

        Moon enters lively and active Sagittarius at 9:13 pm.  Get out and have some fun! All times are CST.

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