Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Wednesday, May 28th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

on May 28, 2014

Wednesday, May 28th: The Moon spends the entire day in multifaceted Gemini. This is a busy day with lots of aspects.

Mercury sextiles Venus, 8:58 AM. This morning, this aspect’s energy, enhances our ability to ask for what we want in very clear terms. This planetary combination is beneficial for any type of business negotiations, contract renegotiations, or working on your own personal relationship and expecting positive results. We will have a tendency to talk more about our own personal needs rather than about the needs of others. This aspect is in effect all day.

The Moon conjuncts the Sun, 1:40 PM. This is the New Moon in Gemini. With the New Moon in Gemini we are looking more closely at our unconscious every day habits. For the next month, this can be a time to break some of those bad habits. Our overall energy may be sort of wonky because of the influence of Neptune, planet of rest and retreat, later in the day.

The Moon squares Neptune 2:03 PM. We will need a break from the daily grind this afternoon. Try to find some time to yourself or take off early and drive to the beach. We are feeling very emotionally reactive and will have a tendency to take everything personally.

The Moon trines Mars, 5:46 PM. Our energy level picks up a little bit this afternoon but we are still just waiting to get home so we can retreat.

The Sun squares Neptune, 6:44 PM. Since this aspect is in effect all day; this is the energy that is driving us to escape and retreat. Our connection with the psychic realm will be very strong this evening. Some people may want to take some time for spiritual meditation, or Tai Chi. or indulging in some spirits at your local pub.
We will want to turn down the noise so that we get some time for inner reflection. If you are a more sensitive type of person, you may feel especially sluggish today. Our ego comes into contact with infinity and we question our own reality. Keep your plans simple and low key, and things will be just fine.

Venus enters Taurus, her home sign, at 8:46 PM. Venus is a planet that focuses on our desire needs, our talents, and the traits we look for in relationships. With Venus moving through Taurus, she is much more realistic and practical – her focus is more in the moment rather than on the bigger picture. Venus will spend about 26 days in her home sign before she enters Gemini.
All times are CDT.


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