Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Lilly Roddy’s June, 2014 #Astrology Forecast

on June 1, 2014

June 2014 Astrocast from Lilly Roddy


General: Our time of two steps forward and one back continues as our pal Mercury, planet of communications and transportation, goes retrograde. She will be retrograde from June 1st through July 7th. That does seems like a longer time than usual but Mercury is dragging her feet this retrograde. Take care of old tasks, go to your High School reunions, and contact your existing clients and reestablish your connections with them.

          We will be moving out of this slow period that we have been in since December 2013 toward the middle of July. Use this Mercury retrograde to get things in order.

          We will be re-experiencing some of the energy of the Cardinal Cosmic Cross toward the middle of the month. This is the same energy we felt in April. It won’t be as strong but it will be intense. It will represent a time of wanting to make decisions but it would be better if you wait until July 7th before you initiate them. The impulse to act then will be hard to stop!

          Neptune goes retrograde on its yearly 4 month cycle. We focus more on our inner spiritual development and facing our truths.

          The Sun begins the month in versatile Gemini and enters Cancer, the first day of Summer, at 5:51 AM Houston time. Mercury starts off in Cancer but retrogrades quickly back into Gemini on the 17th. Venus is in her home sign of Taurus until the 23rd when she enters Gemini! Mars is finally direct and moving through Libra. Jupiter remains in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn.


Aries – You are talking about your day to day life this month. This is a good time to be getting your life organized and finishing up any old projects. You will have a lot of extra energy, especially toward the middle of the month. You may be pulled in several directions at the same time. Don’t get mad, get centered and make the best decisions for you. Career and relationships energies are especially tense in the latter half of the month. Home and family take the spotlight after the 21st. Don’t let yourself get overloaded.


Taurus – This month you are focusing on your finances and your sense of self worth. This is an excellent time to take care of past debts or financial problems. You are getting back on track and getting your career or long terms goals in alignment with your future plans. It’s also a good time to work on health or diets plans. By mid month, you are paying more attention to detail than usual. It is a good time to get those piles of stuff cleaned up. Make sure you have some time to get away from it all near the end of the month.


Gemini – With your ruling planet, Mercury, going retrograde and in your sign of Gemini, this Mercury Retrograde is for YOU! Get ready for a journey back into your own past. You will hear from people you haven’t heard from in years. At work, this is a good time to market more to your existing clientele. You become more focused on your finances by the end of the month. Watch your spending! You will be more impulsive here. Your energy levels remain strong through the month. At the end of the month, you will need some time to yourself. Plan for a short get-a-way then.


Cancer – This is your yearly Birthday Cycle or Solar Return. We have time to consider what we have done over the last year. And with Mercury, going retrograde in Cancer, this will be a very introspective birthday. A time when you will be really looking back at your own history; how far you have come and how much further you want to go! This is a good month for planning but you will have to wait until early July before you put any of your new ideas into action. I know you have plenty and are just ready to go. Relationships are very tense at the end of the month. Don’t bury your feelings. Speak up! Everyone will be happier, even you.


Leo – With Mercury retrograde in your solar 11th house, this is a great time to contact old friends or to re-establish contact with a community organization. This will help you socially and in your work. You will continually be more outspoken and direct during this month. This will be much stronger toward the latter half of the month. But you will feel that they must be said. Toward the end of the month, you will want to retreat some from the spotlight. Continue working on your long term plans. They are just about to move forward.


Virgo – Mercury, your ruling planet, goes retrograde in your career sector this month. This is a good time to take a look at where you are on that path and if you are happy. Often this is a time when old cyclic problems re-emerge in your career area. You could have trouble with your internet this month. Remember you are a flexible sign! Get out and do something social besides work. This will do a lot for your sense of well being. And be prepared to put your plans into action in July!


Libra – With Mars, finally direct in your sign, you are not in that “holding” pattern than you had been in during the last part of May. You are still addressing old issues but you are getting them cleared off your “to do” list. Stick to what’s on the list and don’t add any more to it. Career energies take center stage by mid month. You are not the only one who needs to compromise. Be clear about what you want. You don’t have to make others happy! (Shock and Dismay). You are ready for a leadership role either in your current situation or possibly in your own business. Keep your actions in check until July.


Scorpio – All this activity around you and you are just catching up with your current situation. You are reconnecting with close friends and lovers this month. You need some time for yourself so you can be nurtured and pampered. Relationships need to be recharged and you are in the mood for that. By mid month, you will want to get away from the daily grind. And you can feel in the background that it is going to be a busy year. Career energies improve a great deal by mid July. Hang on!


Sagittarius – You are very relationship focused this month. Mercury is retrograding in your relationship sector this month. If you are doing well in your relationship, this is a great time to get out of town and do something fun. If you are having problems, this will bring them to the surface so you can address them. If you are single, you will experience this through your very close friends. Be sure and take some time to yourself by the end of the month.


Capricorn – You are certainly in an action mode this month. You are addressing problems and getting things cleared out every day. You will have a lot of new ideas for your career this month, but it would be best to wait until after July 7th to initiate them. You are beyond ready for a change but you don’t waste your efforts. Relationship energies could be especially tense toward the end of the month. You may have to get very “real” with the people in your life. Some may have to go!


Aquarius – With this month, you are feeling more creative and need to lighten up on your work schedules and agendas. You have been working hard to get your life in order so that you feel that you have more long term security in your life. Career energies are strong but they are at a “wait and see” time. You may experience this as feeling stuck but Saturn wants to be cautious and take her time. Take this time to check to see if you have all your Water Jars in order! You will be ready to move forward by mid July.


Pisces – With the emphasis this month on your solar 4th house of home, roots and family; this is where you will be spending your time this month. Many of you will just want to retreat and get away from the psychic obligations you feel. It can be a great time for home projects or having only the closest friends over for dinner. Keep a handle on your spending. You can justify whatever you want; especially toward the latter half of the month!

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