Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Thursday, July 24th Daily Astrocast from Lilly Roddy Show

on July 23, 2014

Thursday, July 24, the moon continues in possessive cancer all day today. This is a day with a lot of different aspects in the sky. Our energy levels will fluctuate a great deal from the morning to the afternoon and especially in the evening. Keep flexible.

Venus trines Neptune 6:10 AM, this aspect makes us much more compassionate and concerned about those in the world around us. We get the fact that our own sense of safety and comfort is connected to how safe and comfortable other people feel. Since this aspect has been in effect since yesterday, this can be an excellent time for any types of negotiations. But we all may feel much better if we took some time to enjoy a lovely cup of hot tea with those that matter most. This aspect is in effect for the entire day.

The moon trines Neptune, 12:03 PM, a great afternoon for a leisurely lunch, connecting with nature and letting the troubles of the day drift away.

The moon conjuncts Venus, 12:43 PM; be prepared to indulge your physical senses with this aspect. I like chocolate éclairs, how about you? A good time for relationships, finding common ground or paying attention to your legacy.

The sun conjuncts Jupiter, 3:44 PM; go big or go home today. Our ideas flow effortlessly. This aspect helps us to see the world in a much bigger picture. Belief systems are especially highlighted with this connection to Jupiter. We are all seeking to find our own truth. On a personal level, this can make you feel highly energetic, and even a bit ditzy. It is a great day for big picture planning, expanding the projects you are working on, or signing up for classes at the University. This aspect is in affect all day

Mercury squares Uranus, 7:07 PM; since this aspect is also been in play for the last couple of days, this adds to our nervousness or the lack of desire to be decisive. With this planetary combination, we want to keep all our options open at the same time. This combination also allows us to think outside of the box and discover totally new ways of approaching and solving problems. It may also amp up our nervous systems and make it difficult to sleep or to feel very rested. With it so strong this evening, we will want to do something that’s a different and mentally stimulating. Otherwise, we may just be feeling very bored.

Mercury trines Saturn, 9:11 PM; another strong planetary aspect culminating on this day. With this aspect, we are much more inclined to try to make sense of things and create a clear set of priorities. This aspect will seem to operate very differently than the one just prior. And this would represent the part of the confusion of trying to keep all of your options open and trying to establish future priorities that direct your life in a positive and safe way. Good luck with that idea!

The moon opposes Pluto, 9:23 PM; and finally adding a cherry on top to the events of the day, we dig deep to understand what our true motivation is. This can be a very good time for self reflection especially if you have someone there you can trust who can mirror back to you a truthful alternative version to what you think is going on. Otherwise, we are still focused on our long-term emotional and financial future security.
All Times are CDT.

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