Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Saturday, September 27th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

on September 27, 2014

Saturday, September 27th: The Moon spends the entire day in Scorpio, the sign of death and rebirth.

The Moon sextiles Pluto, 6:25 AM: If you are awake, your morning thoughts are deep and emotionally provoking. Our concerns are about our emotional state, and the security of our family. This is a very good time for finding solutions to problems.

The Moon squares Jupiter, 2:39 PM: With this aspect, our afternoon may seem a lot more hectic and a bit out of control. This is a good aspect for having fun and not taking life too seriously. This can be a good afternoon for a family get-together or taking a spur of the moment trip.

Mercury, planet of travel and siblings, enters Scorpio, at 5:39 PM, and will remain there for approximately the next 13 days, until she retrogrades back into Libra.

Yes, Mercury retrograde is approaching. We will feel the effects of Mercury Retrograde from September 28th through October 30th. As with all Mercury Retrogrades, we should focus on taking care of tasks that we have put off, or not completed, over the last three months. Mercury Retrograde is never a good time to start a new project.

With Mercury Retrograde initially in Scorpio, and then Mercury retrograding back into Libra, we will have time to look at our own personal sense of resources, intimacy, and the deeper meaning of commitment during this Mercury retrograde period.

The Moon conjuncts Saturn, 11:46 PM: Our mood may be low-to-flat this evening with this combination of planets. Usually, with this combination, we tend to be a bit depressed and melancholy. Try not to be overly judgmental with yourself.

All times are CDT.


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