Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Saturday, November 22nd Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

on November 22, 2014

Saturday, November 22nd: The Moon starts the day void of course in Scorpio but will enter fiery Sagittarius by the time our workday begins, 6:19 AM.

The sun enters the sign of Sagittarius at 3:38 AM for approximately the next 30 days. We’ll be working to expand our conscious view of reality. We’re open to new ideas and interested in breaking down false myths and prejudice. Typically a good time for travel, educational processes, or social justice.

The Moon enters Sagittarius, at 6:19 AM, and is no longer void-of-course.

The Moon conjuncts the Sun, 6:32 AM: This is the New Moon in Sagittarius. It’s a great way to start our day with a strong energetic flow. We should hit the ground running this morning. Be sure to put play time on your schedule.

The Moon squares Neptune, 2:51 PM: this is a good time to take a break in the day. We are much more emotionally sensitive at this time, so choose your company carefully. Just getting out of the office and walking around the block can be immensely helpful.

The Moon conjuncts Venus, 8:17 PM: a great evening for a date and being with someone special. We all need creature comforts and this is one of those times. This is also a great evening for a drive to the beach or to the country.

Mercury squares Jupiter, 10:43 PM: this combination of planets helps to keep our energy upbeat and at the same time opening us up to different options. This can be a great time for long-term planning or seeing the bigger picture. We can be overwhelmed by the details with this connection of planets. Keep your goals clear and you won’t veer off-topic. Generally, we’re all feeling more open and ready to communicate our personal philosophies. We want to share our ideals to help make the world a better place. This aspect is in effect for the next couple of days. Make sure you take some time to get away from your routines to enhance your perspective of the larger picture.

All times are CST.

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