Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Monday, December 15th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

on December 15, 2014

Monday, December 15th: The Moon resides in Libra, the sign of the diplomat, for the entire day. This is going to be a very unsettled day. Be flexible so you can roll with the punches.

Uranus squares Pluto, 12:14 AM: The rebels clash with the deteriorating oligarchy. These two planets, Uranus and Pluto, have been in this challenging relationship since the end of 2007. And, as they have slowly moved across the sky, they challenge existing governments, belief systems, and whatever we define as authority figures in our lives. This combination of planets will not let rot and poison exist. That’s why all of this crap has been coming to the surface. It is not avoidable! On a personal level, this is an enhanced time to really confront your own personal demons, and free yourself from old patterns and habits that do not serve you. This is often a time where people make major decisions and changes in their lives. This is the time for it!

The Moon squares Venus, 10:37 AM: Relationships are on the chopping block this morning as we are calling attention to any inequities that we are experiencing. This can be a time to confront those difficulties and find a peaceful resolution.

The Moon trines Mars, 2:56 PM: Our energy and confidence level is boosted by this combination of planets. We can act in our own best interest and not regret our decisions, or feel guilty about them later. This could be a desirable time for a break in the afternoon schedule or to call it a day, early. If you are working, this is an opportune time for presenting new ideas to any group or organization.

The Moon opposes Uranus, 11:07 PM: The transits of this evening, with the Moon making contact with both Uranus and Pluto, can make the evening seem very tense and very restless. Our emotions will be right on our sleeve, and we may not feel like holding back at all. Personally, I would say: find a quiet place; spend time with people that you like; and, avoid all the “have to’s” that litter the holiday season. These two planets always dictate that you need a good “exit plan”, just in case.

The Moon squares Pluto, 11:11 PM: This can be an particularly moody time, especially during the holidays. We may be feeling very nostalgic, but we may also be remembering lots of hurts from the past. If used correctly, this can be a great time to get rid of the emotional garbage from your life.

All times are CST.

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