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Thursday, December 18th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Thursday, December 18th: The Moon transits Scorpio, the sign of power and passion, all day.

The Moon sextiles Venus, 2:59 AM: This is an excellent planetary combination to use for improving your relationships, or conjuring up beautiful dreams in your sleep.

The Moon squares Mars, 4:29 AM: We are a bit restless this early morning and may be awake earlier than usual. This transit provides an upbeat energy to take a walk or run at the park. Be careful that you don’t overdo it. Tempers may be short and we may all be inclined toward some narcissism.

The Moon sextiles Pluto, 8:39 AM: We are feeling much more organized as our day really begins. This planetary combination favors tackling any sort of project where you have to do some digging. Our inner mystery writer is being activated.

There are no more aspects for the rest of the day even though the Moon is not void-of-course. The morning time is probably a more productive time. You just won’t be as motivated in the latter part of the day.

All times are CST.

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Wednesday, December 17th, Daily #Astrology Forecast with Lilly Roddy Show

Wednesday, December 17th: The day begins with the Moon void-of-course in balance-seeking Libra. She enters Scorpio, the sign of transformation, at 8:52 AM, as most of us have started our workday.

The Moon sextiles Mercury, 10:26 AM: Our communication skills are working very well this morning. This transit generates an energy that is conducive to selling or presenting your ideas to other people. This is a good time to be blogging or just gossiping with your friends.

The Moon trines Neptune, 6:29 PM: We are much more laid-back this early evening. We will all need a break from our routine at this time. This is a wonderful time to share dinner with someone special! We are more emotionally connected this evening.

All times are CST.

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Tuesday, December 16th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Tuesday, December 16th: The Moon spends the day in relationship-oriented Libra, but she turns void-of-course late in the evening, at 11:40 PM. She remains void-of-course in Libra, until she enters forceful and magnetic Scorpio, at 8:52 AM, Wednesday morning.

There are no planetary aspects until the latter part of the evening. We may need this break because the energies of yesterday are still strong. Don’t over load yourself this morning.

The Moon sextiles Jupiter, 6:31 PM: We are finally feeling better. We are definitely not as tense as we have been. This can be a fun evening spending time with friends, or entertaining business clientele. Do something spontaneous this evening!

Mercury, planet of communication and sorting enters Capricorn, at 9:53 PM, and will remain in Capricorn for approximately the next 19 days. Mercury in Capricorn indicates a time when our thinking and decision-making processes originate more from our head than from our heart. We are interested in practical matters and getting to the point. Mercury in Capricorn is an energy best used for planning, or taking the time for personal review.

The Moon sextiles the Sun, 11:40 PM: This combination of planets is always positive and supports almost any kind of activity. Stay at home or be out with friends, we are happy.

The Moon is now void-of-course in Libra, at 11:40 PM, until she enters Scorpio, at 8:52 AM, on Wednesday morning.

All times are CST.

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Monday, December 15th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Monday, December 15th: The Moon resides in Libra, the sign of the diplomat, for the entire day. This is going to be a very unsettled day. Be flexible so you can roll with the punches.

Uranus squares Pluto, 12:14 AM: The rebels clash with the deteriorating oligarchy. These two planets, Uranus and Pluto, have been in this challenging relationship since the end of 2007. And, as they have slowly moved across the sky, they challenge existing governments, belief systems, and whatever we define as authority figures in our lives. This combination of planets will not let rot and poison exist. That’s why all of this crap has been coming to the surface. It is not avoidable! On a personal level, this is an enhanced time to really confront your own personal demons, and free yourself from old patterns and habits that do not serve you. This is often a time where people make major decisions and changes in their lives. This is the time for it!

The Moon squares Venus, 10:37 AM: Relationships are on the chopping block this morning as we are calling attention to any inequities that we are experiencing. This can be a time to confront those difficulties and find a peaceful resolution.

The Moon trines Mars, 2:56 PM: Our energy and confidence level is boosted by this combination of planets. We can act in our own best interest and not regret our decisions, or feel guilty about them later. This could be a desirable time for a break in the afternoon schedule or to call it a day, early. If you are working, this is an opportune time for presenting new ideas to any group or organization.

The Moon opposes Uranus, 11:07 PM: The transits of this evening, with the Moon making contact with both Uranus and Pluto, can make the evening seem very tense and very restless. Our emotions will be right on our sleeve, and we may not feel like holding back at all. Personally, I would say: find a quiet place; spend time with people that you like; and, avoid all the “have to’s” that litter the holiday season. These two planets always dictate that you need a good “exit plan”, just in case.

The Moon squares Pluto, 11:11 PM: This can be an particularly moody time, especially during the holidays. We may be feeling very nostalgic, but we may also be remembering lots of hurts from the past. If used correctly, this can be a great time to get rid of the emotional garbage from your life.

All times are CST.

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Saturday, December 13th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Saturday, December 13th: The Moon travels through service-oriented Virgo, all day. This is a perfect day for all those weekend projects. It is also an especially good day to get all your garden supplies in order so you will be ready when spring comes.

The Moon trines Pluto, 10:46 AM: We are very emotionally connected this morning. We feel comfortable with our own emotional expression and are not holding much back. This is a great morning to attend a class on rebirthing; canning preserves for the holidays; or reminiscing with old family photos. This is an energy best used for “cleaning out the ghosts in those closets” .

All times are CST.

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Friday, December 12th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Friday, December 12th: The Moon begins the day in Leo, the sign that knows what’s best for you; but, she turns void-of-course in Leo, at 6:48 AM. She remains void-of-course for a little over two hours, until she enters analytical and practical Virgo, at 9:19 AM. Plan your more important events after that time.

Mercury trines Jupiter, 5:24 AM: This is a very nice combination of planets. It should be a good time for doing any kind of traveling, teaching, writing, or presenting your ideas to clients or social organizations. This combination of planets really helps to give us the big picture, so that we can incorporate these larger views into our daily activity. The nerves in our body are more active during this time and we may not sleep as well as we usually do. This will be in effect for a couple of days.

The Moon squares Saturn, 6:48 AM: Reality slaps us in the face this morning and reminds us that we still have to get up and go to work and get our chores done. This is a very good time to focus on cleaning out or getting rid of things that no longer serve you. Don’t over think your situation too much as that will only make you more depressed.

The Moon is now void-of-course in Leo, at 6:48 AM, until she enters Virgo, at 9:19 AM. We are certainly feeling more sensible with the Moon entering Virgo.

The Moon trines Venus, 2:51 PM: This planetary combination provides favorable energy for working on any type of relationship, business or personal. We’re more open and receptive to authentic feelings. The afternoon is a fun time for a very late lunch with your friends!

The Moon opposes Neptune, 7:29 PM: In the evening we are ready for a yoga class, spiritual meditation, or joining with friends to share lovely bottle of wine. We will want to stay closer to home this evening.

All times are CST.

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Thursday, December 11th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Thursday, December 11th: The Moon journeys through warm-hearted and well-meaning Leo, for the entire day.

The Moon trines the Sun, 12:20 PM: In general, this energy is perfect for any type of activity or function. With the Moon in fiery Leo, we feel and express more of the holiday spirit.

The Moon trines Mercury, 4:40 PM: Our communication skills are improved in the afternoon. This is a productive time for salespeople; people who work in social media; or, you trying to download some new app for your smart phone.

The Moon conjuncts Jupiter, 6:21 PM: With this combination of planets we normally feel upbeat about our life in the future. It’s a great combination of planets for any sort of holiday celebration, or shopping. Get out and enjoy the holidays!

All times are CST.

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Wednesday, December 10th, Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Wednesday, December 10th: The Moon transits Leo, the sign that rules the heart, all day.

The Moon opposes Mars, 5:38 AM: Our emotions are posted all over our face. We are not feeling very patience this morning, but it could be a good time for a walk or a run. Take your time on your drive to work − lots of people will want to be first. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind.

Venus, planet of desire and envy, enters Capricorn, 10:42 AM. She will remain in this sign for the next 25 days. Venus in Capricorn is best for long-term financial planning; finding love amongst your coworkers; and, placing priorities on the relationships that are really important in our life.

We don’t have a lot of aspects today so we may operate at a slower pace.

The Moon trines Uranus, 10:16 PM: In the evening we are still feeling very upbeat and active. This is a great evening for any type of social gathering, especially if the event is associated with holiday celebrations!

All times are CST.

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Tuesday, December 9th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Tuesday, December 9th: The Moon spends most of the day in tenacious and steadfast Cancer, and turns void-of-course in Cancer, at 6:14 PM. She remains void-of-course for a brief time, exactly three hours, until she enters dignified and robust Leo, at 9:14 PM. Today you will be guided by what satisfies your emotional nature. With the Moon in Cancer, we are all drawn into a more nostalgic time about family and our childhood. We hold on to all the feelings, the good ones and the bad ones.

The Moon trines Saturn, 6:14 PM: In the latter part of the evening we are more focused and structured on getting our tasks completed. This would be a good evening to meet with clients or to work a little late at the office.

The Moon is now void-of-course in Cancer, at 6:14 PM, until she enters Leo, at 9:14 PM. We are more emotionally connected and have more energy in the latter part of the evening. Have some fun!

All times are CST.

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Monday, December 8th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Monday, December 8th: The Moon resides in Cancer, the sign that seeks emotional security, for the entire day.

The Sun conjuncts Mercury, 3:51 AM: This combination of planets activates our need to communicate and share ideas with the people around us. Each of us wants to have our say and will want everyone to listen. Since this aspect is in effect for the next couple of days, it is an excellent time to attend holiday celebrations, or any kind of business presentation; or, just sit back and enjoy gossiping with your friends. This may also make us a bit restless and result in our not sleeping well.

The Moon opposes Pluto, 11:01 AM: The Moon opposes Pluto, 11:01 AM: The afternoon time frame is a bit more volatile. This can be an opportune time to get to the bottom of things! And, we may feel that we have to keep a lid on our emotions about how we really feel. This can be a very good time to deal with real estate, wills and probate court, or to do foundation work on your home. Make sure you build in an escape plan for the afternoon.

The Moon squares Uranus, 11:32 AM: This is the time you will need your escape plan. Unless you are really happy about what you’re doing at this particular moment, you will want to break away and get some distance between you and whatever you are currently dealing with. It is an innovative time and can be used to find radical new solutions to all problems.

Jupiter, planet of personal expansion and cultural mores, turns Stationary Retrograde at 2:41 PM. Jupiter will remain retrograde for approximately four months. This is a good time to work on our own ego and find an outlet for creative expression. Our inner child wants to get out and play!

All times are CST.

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