Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Monday, February 2nd Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

on February 2, 2015

Monday, February 2nd: The Moon begins the day void-of-course in Cancer, and remains so until she enters expressive Leo, at 11:41 AM. This will mark the end of a 28-hour long void-of-course time frame that started as the day began on Sunday morning. Plan your more important meetings after lunchtime.

The Sun sextiles Uranus, 6:29 AM: We feel especially creative this morning. It seems to us that we can understand the flow of most every situation, and can anticipate the outcome. This planetary combination also allows us to be more intuitive rather than having to think through things in such detail. All of us will work and feel better if we are doing things that really stimulate us and make us really want to be “here”. This may not be the very best day for structure and routines. Step outside of your comfort zone!

The Moon enters Leo, at 11:41 AM, and is no longer void-of-course. All of us are feeling much more grounded after lunch.

The Moon trines Saturn, 6:53 PM: We are “in the flow” this early evening. It seems to us that we are able to think on our feet and adapt to any situation around us. Approach any task tonight with a positive attitude and that will assure a sense of success.

The Moon opposes Mercury, 11:30 PM: With friendships highlighted this evening, it’s a great time to be out with friends enjoying some wine and a nice chin wag ( a light informal conversation for social occasions)! Be careful that you don’t tell all of your secrets.

All times are CST.


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