Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Lilly Roddy’s April 2015 #Astrology Forecast

on April 2, 2015

April 2015 Astrocast from Lilly Roddy

General Information: We start the month off with a Lunar Eclipse, April 4th. The specialized Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse highlights equality and relationships. We will notice a lot of things out of balance. Relationships are especially sensitive to this energy. Keep your options open the first full week of April. It could be bumpy!

We will all want to get more done this month and we may not be as patient as usual.

Mars begins the month in Taurus, a sign of consistency and durability. The Sun enters Taurus on the 20th. Mercury follow from Aries into Taurus on the 14th. Venus, leading the pack in Taurus, enters versatile Gemini on the 11th. Jupiter goes direct in Leo on the 8th, and Pluto goes retrograde on the 16th.

Aries – Happy Birthday Aries! This is your yearly cycle of taking time to look at your past year and set new goals for this upcoming year. With the Eclipse in your sign, you are ready to take action and make some decisions. You could be very very restless in the first week including not sleeping well. Expect your tolerance levels to be especially low. You are not as satisfied with your work currently. This can be a time to look for alternatives or to even start something on your own.

Taurus – With Mars, planet of action and anger moving through your sign for the next 45 days, this is a great time to initiate any projects or health regimes. You certainly won’t be as patient as usual. Make sure you have some quiet get away time for yourself this month, because that will be as strong as the need for you to take some action. As we get closer to mid month, you get busier. You are feeling the need to reconnect with family. Could be a great time for a trip home. You are much more confident and clear headed by the end of the month.

Gemini – You are feeling open and more social this month. This is good month for marketing your talents or connection to community organizations or projects. You are just beginning to develop a long term plan for your future security. This is a good time to be looking into extra training or furthering education. Relationships are more important toward the end of the month. You are also adding new goals to your relationship so you and your partner can develop greater stability for the future.

Cancer – You seem to be in the public eye this month. Everybody will want to know you or be you (lol). There is a lot of focus on career this month with the eclipse activating it. This can be a time to start something new or receive some unexpected recognition. You are especially unsettled in the first week of the month. You can easily take things way too personal. Make sure it’s about you before you launch a defense. Your improved social life continues through the rest of the month. You are not as edgy, and having a better time.

Leo – We are feeling especially strong and active this month with Jupiter, planet of travel, education, and mind expansion accelerates her journey this mid month. This will certainly give us more hope and optimism about any outcomes. The first half of the month you are more playful and less concerned about responsibility. After mid month, you get back in the saddle and begin to take a much more directed path. Career energies are very strong for doing something on your own or trying to move up the company ladder. Look for friends to be especially supportive at the end of the month.

Virgo – You are feeling the push to get your finances in order this month. You have been working hard to get the burden of debt off your back for a while. You romantic partner will need some reassurance this month. Spending time with her will be a very positive bonding experience. You are currently going through a time of review where you are looking at the viability and usability of most everything and everyone in your life. This is helping you to develop a better sense of priorities. Career energies are very strong right now as you put a lot of focus on that. That continues throughout the year. You are a bit more laid back toward the end of the month.

Libra – Relationships are highlighted this month for the sign that represents partnerships, both good and bad. You are having to act on the partnerships you are in. You are reconfirming some and eliminating others. You are not the same person. People see your “real” side and not just the pleaser that you depended on in the past. This continues to be a good time for home repairs or family repairs. You will need a break from all of this toward the end of the month. Social organizations will be very beneficial for you.

Scorpio – Relationships are very stimulated this month. If you are in a partnership, this is a great month to renew those vows. If you are single, this also a good time to be out looking for your next partner. Relationships that aren’t doing so well may be brought to a head this month. This is also a good month for you to get your office or business location organized and cleaned up. It could the perfect time for a new laptop or smart phone. Don’t over think your finances. You are trying to plan for the future but don’t let it drive you crazy. Career opportunities continue to increase!

Sagittarius – With Saturn, planet of career, long term safety, over thinking, moving through your sign, you have really begun to look at what you do with your time, love, money and resources. You are not happy about wasting any of your resources anywhere or on anybody. You are certainly more serious than you have been in a while. Your children or those people that you “mother” could be a lot more rowdy this month especially in the first two week of April. Toward the end of the month, you begin to focus on getting your office and your body in better shape. Your relationship energies are also more positive this whole month.

Capricorn – The first half of the month is a very active and stimulating time for you. This could be a time when you are moving, relocating or just doing some repairs on the old home place. Family issues are coming to the surface. You don’t have to be the one who takes charge but you have to speak up. Be careful that you don’t hide out at work too much during this time. There are some core problems there that need to be addressed as well. Life is a bit more laid back after mid month. You may do your better negotiating during that time.

Aquarius – Relationships energies are getting better again this month. This will help to improve your existing ones and bring new people into your life for fun and/or potential romance. You are more verbal than usual this month. You have a lot to say and you want to be heard. This is a great time to start your book, blog or social media page. Home projects become more important over the next couple of months. You will be thinking about your family more this month. This is a good time to visit as long as you keep your visit short. Friends may seem in short supply this month. Make some contacts and renew those connections.

Pisces – Over the last several year, the mermaids and mermen had been called away. They were under the sea taking care of themselves. But now, they are ready to make their place, and step up and take the recognition that they so deserve. You are working on getting your life together this month and you are more serious than ever. You continue to work on your finances, freeing yourself from their grip on you. The middle part of the month is a good time for communications. Let me know what you really believe. Toward the very end of the month, you are ready for some retreat.

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