Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Saturday, May 16th Daily #Astrology forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

on May 16, 2015

Saturday, May 16th: Today is Armed Forces Day. The day starts with the Moon void-of-course in Aries, but she quickly enters Taurus, the sign of the five senses, at 2:02 AM, and is no longer void-of-course.

As the Moon enters Taurus, our energies will be more grounded and focused on creating stability.

Venus trines Neptune, 1:49 PM: Our sense of love and compassion for our fellow human beings is enhanced and activated when these two planets meet. We will all be looking for a greater sense of inner peace. Your significant relationships could easily provide this for you and help to give you a greater sense of meaning and purpose in your life. Overall, it’s best that we take it easy today and let things unfold instead of us pushing our own agenda. Relationships are improved when these two planets combine. This is a great afternoon to be at the beach with someone special.

The Moon sextiles Neptune, 6:06 PM: Our laid-back and romantic energies continue through the evening. We will feel more comfortable with familiar friends and nurturing routines. You may want to get out for the evening, but not if it’s too much of a hassle.

The Moon sextiles Venus, 6:25 PM: The romantic and sensual side of our nature is emphasized when these two planets combine. This is a wonderful time to be with your partner or close friends and family. Fire up the barbecue grill and open that special bottle of wine!

All times are CDT.

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