Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Thursday, June 11th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

on June 10, 2015

Thursday, June 11th: The Moon resides in impatient Aries for the entire day. She does turn void-of-course in Aries, at 6:43 PM, and remains so throughout the remainder of the day.

The Moon squares Pluto, 7:29 AM: We feel a bit grumpy and crabby this morning, no matter how many cups of coffee we have. Give yourself plenty of time to get to where ever you are going this morning.

The Moon trines Jupiter, 1:13 PM: We have climbed out of our hole by the afternoon and are much more welcoming to the world around us. This is an excellent energy for most any type of activity, but we are drawn to those that satisfy us the fastest and most directly.

The Moon conjuncts Uranus, 3:45 PM: This is a highly energetic and potentially unsettling afternoon. Make certain that you are doing exactly what you want and carry your exit strategies with you wherever you go. We don’t want to be trapped into doing anything today.

The Moon sextiles the Sun, 5:22 PM: This is the perfect time to have a drink with your friends and talk about the week you’ve been through. Keep your dance card open so you can respond more spontaneously.

Mercury turns Stationary Direct, at 5:33 PM: Mercury crawls to a halt at this time, as it gets ready to change direction and move forward. We will still feel its retrograde influence through June 16th. Continue to complete those projects you already have in progress. And, don’t sign any contracts, start any new projects, or make any big purchases or investments until after the 16th. Take a chill pill and relax.

The Moon sextiles Mars, 6:43 PM: Despite Mercury having reached its direct point, we still feel fairly energized and ready to do most anything, as long as it is not too taxing. Have fun and don’t take life too seriously.

The Moon is now void-of-course in Aries, at 6:43 PM, and will remain so for over 15-hours until she enters Taurus, at 9:16 AM, on Friday morning, and is no longer void-of-course.

With this void-of-course Moon this evening, do exactly what you want and things will be perfect!

All times are CDT.


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