Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Wednesday, July 15th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

on July 15, 2015

Wednesday, July 15th: The Moon journeys through Cancer, the sign of genetic coding, all day. This is a highly energetic day that could easily feel anywhere from erratic to totally out of control. This is also the day when the satellite, New Horizons, takes the first ever close-up pictures of Pluto! If you see drama ahead, turn right!

The Moon conjuncts Mercury, 12:10 AM: The energy of this transit can make us very talkative, and can really stimulate our brain, making it difficult to fall asleep. It is a good time to get up and chat online or work on your personal journal.

The Moon conjuncts Mars, 2:50 AM: If you are able to sleep this evening, this could make for a very active dream night. Your sexual energies will be stronger. Otherwise, this is a great time to workout at the gym.

The Moon opposes Pluto, 3:10 AM: Emotionally, we are examining what fears we have to let go of in order to achieve a real sense of emotional security. You could even be doing this in your dreams.

Mars opposes Pluto, 9:08 AM: Gasoline and TNT decide to have a meeting today. Even though this aspect is exact today, it has been impacting us for at least the last five days, and will continue to impact us for the next five. When these two planets combine, our animal or instinctual nature is really running the show. We may feel heaviness in the air, or we may just feel too nervous or scared to go outside. Some people will feel like they can’t take it anymore and they may experience this as an explosion of emotional release. And certainly, this is the time to be alert over the potential for terrorist attacks. And with both of these planets also affecting the USA chart, this also makes our whole country feel very nervous. A positive use of this energy would be to detoxify your physical and emotional surroundings. This would be a productive time to start a new health regime, or start a new business, or take some risk that you’ve been unwilling to do. Make this a day of action instead of resistance and you can flow with the energy instead of trying to stop it.

The Moon squares Uranus, 3:10 PM: Be sure to keep all the doors and the windows open, and the car running, just in case you need a quick escape. We certainly will not feel like following our routine or agenda during this time. Look for some diversions.

Mercury opposes Pluto, 6:38 PM: The detective in us is awakened and we are asking: What is that thing, that is behind that other thing, that’s in front of that first thing?” Psychologically, we are more open to knowing our unconscious. We begin to see that so much of our early familial and social conditioning was based on fear. We weren’t able to feel safe enough to allow our inner child to flourish. This combination of planets allows you to see those patterns, so that you can untangle your own web and act out of a sense of empowerment and not panic. Today we endeavor to speak the truth, even if it’s not pretty. This aspect is in effect for the next couple of days.

The Moon conjuncts the Sun, 8:24 PM: This is the New Moon in Cancer. And, if there wasn’t enough going on, the new Moon brings in an initiating energy to help create, and make us aware of, our deep need for emotional and familial connectivity.

Mercury conjuncts Mars, 11:14 PM: And in the later evening, here is another strong blast of energy that keeps us talking, thinking, and acting on what we think is important. This is a time when we feel challenged mentally. This could be a fun evening to play Trivial Pursuit or Scattergories. The energy of this transit can also be used to push your ideas and views in an overly aggressive and assertive manner to convince others that you are right. People on the highways are more subject to road rage and taking things way too personal. Find some people to play War Craft online and have a fun evening!

And finally to end the day, Venus is beginning her retrograde period. She will be retrograde from mid-July through the later part of September. Venus will be at her Stationary Retrograde point on July 25th. That is the day Venus stops moving forward against the background of the Astrological Signs. She will turn Stationary Direct on September 17th but will not be back up to speed until September 25th.

Venus retrograde will be a time for all of us to review our relationships, both business and personal. For those that are doing well, this is a time of renewal. For those with problems, this is a time of looking for solutions. And for some, this is a time of endings. This is not a promising time to begin a relationship, but a better time to see people from your past.

Venus has a lot to do with money and we will be reviewing that part of our life as well. Venus retrograde wants to know if we are really happy!

All times are CDT.


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