Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Wednesday July 22nd Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

on July 22, 2015

Wednesday, July 22nd: The Moon occupies Libra, the sign of the strategist, for the entire day. Since our first aspect of the day doesn’t occur until the afternoon, we may have somewhat of a slow start to our day.

The Moon squares Pluto, 12:36 PM: This is a perfect day to clear out the storeroom at work. Relationships may be tested this afternoon as comments will be laced with sarcasm and truth. Smile when you say that! You may need some time to yourself during lunch.

Mercury trines Saturn, 12:51 PM: Overall, we still feel the need to be productive. When Mercury, the organizer, meets up with Saturn, the goal setter, we strive to make best use of our time and energy. The energy of this transit is beneficial in any type of negotiations or presentations. This planetary combination also helps us to stay on track and not let us get lost in the detail. For most of us, this is a very good time to get all of those small tasks and chores completed at home and at work. This aspect is in effect for the next couple of days.

The Sun enters Leo, at 10:31 PM: The Sun enters the sign of Leo and remains there for approximately the next 30 days. When the Sun moves through Leo, our inner child wants to go out and play!

The Moon squares Mars, 11:04 PM: We feel a bit edgy and restless in the latter part of the evening. This could be an enjoyable time for some online gaming, or watching an action adventure movie. Your feelings are right on the surface. Watch what you say! This may also make it harder to sleep this evening.

All times are CDT.


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