Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Lilly Roddy’s August 2015 #Astrology Forecast

on August 4, 2015

General: We start this month with Venus, planet of love and money, retrograde until September 25th. With Venus retrograde, relationships that are working well will need some review and renew. If your relationship is experiencing problems, this is the ideal time to address them. If your relationship is doing poorly, this can indicate a time of endings. And with Venus retrograde, we all will be thinking back to previous relationships, personal or business. This is not the time to start a new partnership, but a time to review your own old patterns of creation.

Saturn, planet of planned action and discipline, goes direct on August 2nd. This will help to get us back into gear and moving forward on our long term goals associated with financial and career security.

Jupiter enters the sign of Virgo, the worker bee, on August 11th. Jupiter is usually associated with positive outcomes, travel and increased social activity. This should be a very good year for the Virgins! Jupiter will be in your sign for a year.

And coming up in September, we have another Mercury retrograde. Mercury will be retrograde from mid September until mid October. That means that most of our planning for the next couple of months won’t be able to be implemented until mid October.

Aries – August should be a much more playful month for you. This is a good month for you to focus on yourself and do the things that really make you happy. Toward mid month, you are feeling the need to get back into your routines. This is an excellent time for any type of health or fitness classes! Continue to take action on renewing your career goals or possibly a whole new career. At the end of the month, relationships become more the focus.

Taurus – Home and family take the lead this month. This is a very good month for spending time with your family and close friends and inviting them into your home. You may also feel the need to make your nest more comfortable and prettier. For some, this can also indicate a time of relocation. By mid month, you are ready for some relaxation and fun. Be sure and take some time to get away from your routines as you will be back into your routines by the end of the month. Friends become very important by the end of the month.

Gemini – You are focused this month on the activities that surround your daily life! Some of these activities you have been putting off and are just now getting to. Communications are very important this month. You could take some classes or do some writing. By mid month, you are bringing your attention to your home and family and your emotional sense of comfort. You may be considering relocation or even purchasing a new home. Career can be fuzzy at the end of the month.

Cancer – Your financial future and stability are in the spotlight for this month. You continue to have lot of energy to push your agenda’s through this month. Use some of this energy for getting your debts taken care of this month. This is also a good time to review any investments you have but not the time to change. That will come in mid October. By mid month, getting your message out becomes more important. You are more logical and practical! Old family issues begin to show up at the end of the month.

Leo – Happy Birthday to the Leos! This is your yearly cycle where you have the time to look back on last year’s accomplishments and consider what new lofty heights you will climb this time! With Venus retrograde in your sign, this is an excellent time to review the past, especially past relationships. By mid month, you shift your focus to your finances. You may want to wait till after mid October, 2015, before you make any real changes, but this is a good time to be re-examining them. Keep working on getting your foundations more stable!

Virgo – As the month opens, you are in a holding pattern taking some time for yourself for rest and retreat. You are really having a lot of creative urges but you are not sure which ones to commit to. You will be lots more clear about this after mid October. Use this time to explore rather than pushing yourself towards a direction. By the end of the month, you are feeling much more positive as Jupiter, planet of travel and education, enters your sign for the next year. This really should bring on lots of positive opportunity for you this year.

Libra – Old friends and groups are active in your horoscope this month. This is a very good time for you to get out there and let people see you!!! Your social factor is very good and this will help to increase your options. You are still very plugged into your work. You are ready to take a leadership role there and/or you are expecting your bosses to take a much more proactive position. If you meet with a lot of resistance, you may be looking elsewhere for somewhere satisfying to work. By the end of the month, you will need some time to yourself.

Scorpio – There is a lot of career focus in your horoscope this month. And with Venus retrograde there as well, you are reexamining your commitment there. After August 8th, you will want to move into a leadership position or your are considering doing your own thing. Groups and community organizations are more active by mid month. This would be a good year for you to get involved in a leadership role in a community organization. With Venus retrograde, you may find old partners looking to reconnect especially toward the middle of the month.

Sagittarius – With Saturn, planet of future security and long term planning going direct on August 2nd, and heading to reenter Sagittarius, you are feeling that urge to get your act together. Saturn makes us feel older and more mature. You will feel like making decisions and plans for your future. It would be better to wait until after mid October to set those into action to assure a greater level of success. And be sure and take some time to travel and relax this month. It only gets busier after the end of the month.

Capricorn – Relationships continue to be on your menu this month. You are looking for deeper connections with the people that we are involved with, either business or personal. We are wanting the people close to us to open up about their deeper feelings. For some of you, this can also be about a debt your partner has incurred and trying to figure out what to do with it. By mid month, you are looking for a bit of an easier schedule. This would be a good time for a vacation or just to get away from it all. The end of the month has you focused back on your career!

Aquarius – You are rethinking and reconsidering the validity all your relationships this month with Venus, planet of partnerships, impacting you this month. You will renew some, fix some and end some. You will also feel more energized after mid month. This could be a good time for health and exercise regimes. Toward the end of the month, you are looking at long term financial plans. Freedom is an important topic for Aquarians and keeping those options open will have you looking at better ways to use what you have.

Pisces – Cleaning up and organizing your life, health activities and work routines is what’s keeping your busy this week. You are beginning to develop long term plans and setting priorities. Co-workers could be more tense after mid month. Try to be encouraging and not demanding. Relationship energies improve a lot after the 11th. There are a lot of new opportunities opening up for you that will persist through next August. Get ready to get busy!


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