Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Sunday, January 17th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

on January 17, 2016

Sunday, January 17th: The Moon continues her passage in reliable Taurus.

The Moon opposes Mars, at 12:53 PM: Our energy is very strong, direct, forceful, and maybe a little defensive. All of us will be in a hurry during the afternoon. This is a fine time to work in your garden or go to the gym for a work out.

The Moon sextiles Neptune, at 1:28 PM: In the latter part of the afternoon, we feel more comfortable in our own skin. This is an especially good time to relax and maybe even take a nap.

Venus squares Jupiter, at 11:10 PM: When the energy of these two planets combines, we are focused on fulfilling our own needs. Venus has a sensual and strong desire nature, while Jupiter believes that if a little is good, then more can only be better! We are strongly motivated, but events influence our needs. Since the energy of these two planets has been affecting us for the last couple of days, and will continue to affect us for the next two days, we may want to take off from our normal routines. Just make sure that you do some nice things for yourself under this aspect and you will be a much happier person.

All times are CST.


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