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Friday, February 19th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Friday, February 19th: The Moon begins the day in family oriented Cancer, but she does turn void-of-course, at 8:36 AM.

The Moon sextiles Jupiter, at 2:48 AM: If you are awake, this is a relaxing time for reading, blogging, or watching one of your favorite movies. Otherwise, most of us will sleep peacefully.

The Moon trines Mars, at 8:36 AM: We feel positive and do have a surplus amount of energy as we start our morning. Some physical activities such as jogging or walking would be especially beneficial this morning.

The Moon is now void-of-course in Cancer, at 8:36 AM, until she enters determined Leo, at 8:17 PM (almost 12-hours). Since the Moon is void-of-course throughout most of the daylight hours, it may be better to plan your more important activities, before 8:36 AM, or in the evening, after 8:17 PM.

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Thursday, February 18th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Thursday, February 18th: The Moon moves through security conscious Cancer all day. Do things to enhance your safety to help rid yourself of fear.

The Moon trines Neptune, at 5:50 AM: This is a nice morning for sleeping in and taking your time. It is an ideal time for yoga, a walk in the park, or for coffee and a donut!

The Moon opposes Pluto, at 7:34 PM: Our evening energy is somewhat unsettling. Here we see vestiges of the long-term Uranus−Pluto square that I have written about for the last six years. We are in the mood to confront and clean out things in our life that represent negativity, fear, and paranoia. We want to get to the root issue of circumstances in our life, and we won’t stop until we get there.

The Moon squares Uranus, at 9:42 PM: And continuing with the overall energy this evening, we do not want to be trapped or restricted by our beliefs that won’t let us grow or breathe. Controlling and domineering people can really be problematic at this time. Keep the car running just in case you need to escape.

The Sun enters the sign of Pisces, at 11:34 PM, for an approximate 30 day stay. Pisces is the energy of retreat and reflection, so we will all need more time for ourselves.

All times are CST

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Wednesday, February 17th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Wednesday, February 17th: The Moon starts the day in multi-faceted Gemini. The Moon turns void-of-course, at 10:37 AM; but does enter the homey sign of Cancer, at 1:24 PM, and is no longer void-of-course.


The Moon trines the Sun, at 10:37 AM: When these two energies combine, it’s a positive time for almost any type of activity. Most of us will experience this as just a pleasant morning!


The Moon enters the sign of Cancer, at 1:24 PM, and is no longer void-of-course. This will bring us a stronger connection to the emotional side of our personality.


There are no more major aspects or connections between the Moon and the other planets. We have plenty of energy, but we may not be able to focus it as well as we would like. Pay attention to your inner voice as she will lead the way.


All times are CST

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Tuesday, February 16th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Tuesday, February 16th: The Moon journeys through versatile Gemini all day.

The Moon squares Neptune, at 12:15 AM: You could not have a better aspect for sleeping and escaping the pressures of the day.

The Moon opposes Saturn, at 11:10 AM: Each of us is in an analytical mood this morning. Try to make the best use of your time, but do not over-think things or you will get lost in the forest and cannot see the trees. Do not let the negatives get you down.

The Moon sextiles Uranus, at 3:30 PM: Our afternoon picks up emotionally and we feel more energetic and chatty with those around us. This is a promising time for sales, reconnecting with old friends, or looking at an old problem from a new angle.

The Moon squares Jupiter, at 9:02 PM: In the evening, we desire to take a break and just make things more simplified. This is an enjoyable night to dine out and savor cuisine from all over the world. Think of it as a brief vacation to another country. You will be drawn to eating healthier.

Venus, planet of love, bonding, and money enters Aquarius, at 10:17 PM, for an approximate 27-day visit. We will focus on the love we feel for our friends, and how to be better friends with the person we love. Since Aquarius is an air sign, we are interested in listening and sharing with others (verbally), what we think about relationships. Also, we desire to feel more connected, (intellectually) with our partners and not simply trapped by the commitment that we have made.

All times are CST

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Monday, February 15th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Monday, February 15th: Happy Presidents’ Day! The Moon starts the day in Taurus, but quickly turns void-of-course, at 4:54 AM. The Moon enters Gemini, the sign of the “double entendre,” at, 8:35 AM, and we feel more connected.

The Moon squares the Sun, at 1:46 AM: If you are up late the energy of this transit may keep you from getting to sleep. Otherwise, it may make for an active dream night.

The Moon trines Venus, at 4:54 AM: This is the perfect energy to sleep in late, and press the snooze bar at least 10 times. Give yourself plenty of extra time this morning.

The Moon is now void-of-course in Taurus, at 4:54 AM, but she soon enters Gemini, at 8:35 AM, and is no longer void-of-course.

The Moon trines Mercury, at 12:36 PM: Our afternoon feels much more productive, and we are back on schedule for the day. This is a very positive energy. It favors any type of negotiations; and improving the relationships with our coworkers and clients.

All times are CST

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Sunday, February 14th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Sunday, February 14th: Happy Valentine’s Day! The Moon resides in sensual Taurus all day! This is a great day to indulge ourselves with our favorite things.

The Moon trines Pluto, at 9:27 AM: The energy of this transit connects us to our heart chakra on this Valentine’s Day. We want, in all aspects of our life, the type of relationships that offer us long-term emotional security. On the other hand, it is a good morning to be working on your taxes!

The Moon trines Jupiter, at 5:13 PM: We feel good and are relaxed about the afternoon and what it might bring. Being active interests us, but only if it’s easy to get there. This is a good time for an afternoon nap.

The Moon opposes Mars, at 6:13 PM: Our emotions are on edge this evening as we are ready to change our environment and do some things so that we are not so bored. It’s a good time to engage in some form of competition. This competition could take the form of role-playing games, a tennis match, or confronting someone because they have just pissed you off. Choose your battles carefully.

All times are CST

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Saturday, February 13th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Saturday, February 13th: The Moon starts the day in self-oriented Aries, but turns void-of-course, at 4:32 AM. She quickly enters stabilizing Taurus, at 5:35 AM, and is no longer void-of-course.

The Moon squares Mercury, at 4:32 AM: This planetary combination may get our Saturday off to an early start. It’s a helpful energy to use to take care of those every day errands. This also may make you restless and you will find it difficult to sleep.

The Moon turns void-of-course in Aries, at 4:32 AM. If you are awake, this is a nice time to have a cup of coffee while you contemplate what you are going to do today.

The Moon enters deliberate Taurus, at 5:35 AM, and we are more certain about our agenda.

Mercury, the sign of the communicator, enters Aquarius, at 4:43 PM, for a three week stay. With Mercury entering the intellectual and humanitarian-driven sign of Aquarius, our ideas and views will be more comprehensive and more intellectually based. During this time definitions, spelling, and exactness counts.

Mars sextiles Jupiter, at 4:59 PM: When the energy of these two planets combines, our sense of “self” combines with a need to challenge, grow, and expand beyond our previous limitations. Since this energy has been active for the last couple of days, we feel more confident about our actions, and are ready to start new projects or personal endeavors. This is definitely a time for action and not a time for talking. This can be a fortuitous time to travel, attend classes, or move forward on a legal case. These planets continue to be in contact for the next 4 to 5 days.

The Moon sextiles Neptune, at 8:37 PM: We are in a much more relaxed and laid back mood this evening. It is a pleasant time to go out, but we aren’t willing to deal with many hassles or problems. Keep your plans simple and you will be a lot happier.

All times are CST

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Friday, February 12th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Friday, February 12th: The Moon remains in very busy and active Aries all day today.

The Moon trines Saturn, at 4:35 AM: If you are up early, this is a helpful energy to get yourself prepared for your day, and set your agenda this morning.

The Moon squares Pluto, at 7:02 AM: We are emotionally tense this morning and are likely to be reactive to over-reactive throughout most of the morning. This is a beneficial time to clean out old emotional messages that cause us to generate paranoia and mistrust.

The Moon conjuncts Uranus, at 8:50 AM: This is the time to have your exit strategy ready at all times. It is an excellent time to use for brainstorming. We don’t want to be limited by the past; either by social regulations or by previous expectations. You are more likely to speak the truth even if it’s uncomfortable to hear.

The Moon sextiles Sun, at 7:10 PM: Our evening hours are much more pleasant. We are looking for things that are pleasing and entertaining to us. This is always a wonderful time for friends and family.

The Moon squares Venus, at 9:15 PM: This is the perfect time to be with someone special, wrapped up in a blanket on the couch, watching your favorite movie, and enjoying some hot cocoa.

All times are CST

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Thursday, February 11th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Thursday, February 11th: The Moon begins the day void-of-course in Pisces, but quickly enters action-oriented Aries, at 3:55 AM.

Today the Moon does not make any major aspects or connections with the other planets in the sky, but is not void-of-course. We have a lot of energy and it may be best that we focus on things that are important to us as individuals, so we can get some things accomplished.

All times are CST

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Wednesday, February 10th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

Wednesday, February 10th: Today is Ash Wednesday. The Moon floats through romantic Pisces all day. However, she does turn void-of-course in Pisces late in the day, at 10:25 PM. There is a lot of activity in the sky today and we are likely to be very busy.

Venus trines Jupiter, at 1:54 AM: We seek a positive and peaceful way to achieve our goals and expand our social and business connections. Since this energy has been influencing us for the last couple of days, we have been better able to present our point of view and have people listen to us. This aspect doesn’t make us particularly active, but it is especially good at urging us to enjoy life’s finest pleasures. The energy of this aspect remains in effect for the next couple of days.

The Moon squares Saturn, at 2:59 AM: This is one of those aspects that is always best to sleep through. And, if you are having a hard time sleeping, take a sleeping aid!

The Moon sextiles Pluto, at 5:33 AM: We are up early this morning and fairly serious and direct about what we want to accomplish. Even though we are in an upbeat mood, we are not wasting our time on people, or things, that can’t seem to get their act together or get organized. You can be a help to them, and you don’t have to wait for them to ask.

The Moon trines Mars, at 10:55 AM: Our positive and upbeat energy continues throughout the late morning. We feel confident in our abilities. This is a favorable time to cultivate a new marketing territory if you are in sales; or make connections with potential new clients. It’s also a pleasant time to take an early lunch and just enjoy the day.

The Moon opposes Jupiter, at 1:56 PM: When the energy of these two planets combines, most all activities are made smoother and easier. This is a recommended time to step outside of your routines and expand your interaction with others. These are wonderful energies to use for attending a workshop or leading one.

The Moon sextiles Venus, at 3:07 PM: We are open and more receptive to the people around us. This is an opportune time to be with your romantic partner; as well it is to interact with special clients. We are not particularly driven, but this is a really nice time to stop and enjoy the moment.

The Moon sextiles Mercury, at 10:25 PM: Even though it’s late in the evening, we are still chatty and looking for things to keep us mentally entertained. The energy of this transit favors writing, chatting with friends online, or having late-night coffee with friends.

The Moon is now void-of-course in Pisces, at 10:25 PM, until early Thursday morning when she enters Aries, at 3:55 AM.

All times are CST

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