Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Wednesday, March 23rd Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

on March 23, 2016

Wednesday, March 23rd:  The Moon starts the day void-of-course in Virgo, but quickly enters relationship-oriented Libra, at 12:23 AM.

Jupiter squares Saturn, at 5:15 AM:  This is one of the long-term planetary transits whose energy will be affecting us all year.  And, the effects of these two planets have been strong since 2015 and will continue to be strong through the end of November 2016.  Jupiter is our planet of growth, hope, and optimism about the future.  Saturn, on the other hand, is our planet that deals with “what could go wrong.”  It is the planet of planning for worst-case scenarios, and facing the truth in dealing with life events.  Traditionally, when these two planets combine their energy, there is a suppression of the economy, and people are more cautious and pessimistic about the outcome of their financial future.  Watch out that you are not caught up in the fear of “what might happen” and feel angry, powerless, and potentially paralyzed.  You may want to cut back where you can, but be reasonable.  In international terms, this aspect is part of this huge immigration issue that is creating global concerns.  We might see this become a bigger issue in the on-going presidential election.  Overall, do not be afraid to re-examine your view of the truth since you might be wrong!

The Moon opposes Mercury, at 6:11 AM:  Although our emotions and energy may be low as we start the day, we are ready to get on with our agenda and do something to make us feel more in control.  This is a great morning to brainstorm and to be open-minded.

The Moon opposes the Sun, at 7:01 AM:  This Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse at 3-degrees Libra.  This is the “companion” eclipse to the Solar Eclipse that we experienced, on March 8th, and is linked to the actions we took then.  We seek more balance and participation in all of our relationships.  This can also be a time where we may make decisions about bringing some partnerships to an end.  We are likely to be a bit more edgy during this Lunar Eclipse.  Take your time as you make your way to work this week.

The Moon sextiles Mars, at 11:33 AM:  We feel much stronger and confident in the latter part of the morning.  This is a much better time to start new projects or to focus on getting our task completed.  This is a beneficial time to reconnect with clients and establish a better business relationship.  This is also true about sharing your emotions with someone close to you.

The Sun conjuncts Mercury, at 3:11 PM:  With the energy of this aspect in play for the next couple of days, we communicate more clearly about what our plans are, and what we expect from ourselves and from other people.  Each of us feels more mentally stimulated and may need some distraction so we don’t get bored.  This is a desirable energy to use for writing, organizing, or hawking your products to your client base.  It is a fairly positive transit, so try not to waste its energy.

All times are CDT


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