Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Wednesday, April 13th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

on April 13, 2016

Wednesday, April 13th:  The Moon journeys through emotionally sensitive Cancer all day.  She does turn void-of-course late in the evening, at 10:59 PM.


The Moon sextiles Mercury, at 12:35 AM:  If you are up late, you could be very mentally active, and you may need to do some reading so that your mind has something to chew on.  It is an ideal time for any type of work or organizational projects.


The Moon sextiles Jupiter, at 4:13 AM:  This is a very pleasing aspect and should assist us in having pleasant dreams.


The Moon opposes Pluto, at 9:57 AM:  By mid-morning, we feel a lot more emotionally tense and may have to deal with some power struggles.  Emotional and financial security, or lack thereof, is at the core of the problem.  Empower yourself by finding a solution that frees you and does not have you held hostage by the fear of what could happen in the future.


The Moon squares Uranus, at 3:45 PM:  All of us will need a break from our schedule at this time of the day.  If you are not able to get away, you may feel really trapped and bored – and, ready to explode!  Take your exit strategy with you today.


The Moon squares the Sun, at 10:59 PM:  We could be rehashing the events of the day, trying to get them processed and out of our system.  Meditation, yoga, (or that bottle of wine you have been saving) might work at this time.


The Moon is now void-of-course in Cancer, at 10:59 PM, until Thursday morning when she enters Leo, at 8:53 AM.


All times are CDT


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