Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Monday, April 18th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

on April 18, 2016

Monday, April 18th, the Moon continues her journey through health conscious Virgo for the entire day. The Moon does goes void-of-course at 7:29 AM and remains void until Tuesday morning. Keep your agenda flexible and you will do well.


Moon squares Saturn, 2:04 AM: One of the best aspects to sleep through, we are processing our past and our sense of regret.


Pluto goes stationary retrograde at 2:23 AM. We begin to seek a deeper meaning to the values that represent your family, your community and the country you live in. What does family mean and what can bring us together instead of tearing us apart. We are rooting out the falseness of the Family Myth. During the next four months you will want to clean out your storage rooms and closets as well as the storage rooms in your head. We have the chance to let go of some of the pain we carry. Embrace the feelings and then you can let go. Pluto goes direct in September 2016.


Moon trines Pluto, 5:09 AM: If you are up early, you are feeling good and taking your time. You are assessing the best possible actions for today. Spending time with family can be very supporting this morning.


Moon trines Venus, 7:29 AM: We are concerned with our feelings and comfort this morning. We are not in a hurry and are likely to be self indulgent. This is even a better time to connect to with family.


The Moon is now void-of-course in Virgo, the sign of routines, until Tuesday morning.


Venus trines Saturn, 9:38 AM: We are able to balance our personals needs with the cost and responsibility of getting those needs met. When these two planets combine, we are able to value and asses our plans for long term security and stability in our relationships. We have a bigger view and can defer some of our immediate wants for a better long term approach. These are excellent energies for improving existing relationships from romance to business to clients to friends. This aspect has been in effect for the last 3 days and will continue to be in effect  for the next 3 as well.


All times are central.


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