Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Saturday, June 4th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

on June 4, 2016

Saturday, June 5th, the Moon spends the whole day in Gemini, the trickster!


Sun square Jupiter, 5:57 AM: Our first of two major planetary aspects for today adding to the energy of the three from yesterday ( Venus/Neptune, Sun/Saturn, Venus/Saturn); our expanding view of the details and complexities of our lives are now being added to the vat of energy on the stove. We may have an expanded view but also overwhelmed by the surge of information. The data on the internet constantly grows. We are not sure what the truth is or isn’t. This may make us over schedule our day or week or month. But it may just make us only do what we want to do. And that can’t be so bad! This could get us up early this morning and headed out the door before we are completely dressed because we are already late! Slow down, they are likely to be late as well. This aspect remains strong for the next 4 days or so.


Moon square Neptune, 5:22 PM: You will want to get away from work early this late afternoon. If you need to stop for libations, take it easy. This can be a great time to sit out on the patio and meditate. If you have to work, try and find some alone time for yourself.


Moon opposes Saturn, 6:55 PM: This can be a power time to look at your current situation and make plans to ensure your long term safety, emotionally and financially. Or you can fret about your situation and just wish you didn’t get such a bad hand in life. Clean out your closet. That will help create a real sense of priority.


Venus square Jupiter, 7:49 PM: Fill the glass to the brim and leave the bottle! Our need and desires are paramount as the next major planetary aspects joins the mutable stew. We may want to spend our money with no thought for tomorrow. This can be a good social time or a time for a party. We will want to shirk our responsibility and do something fun for Goddess sake. Guilt just won’t  stick. It can be easy to overdo your events calendar.  This aspects adds to our merriment, joy and gaiety. This aspect also continues for the next 3 days.


Moon square Jupiter, 9:02 PM: With the Moon adding to the connections with both Jupiter and Venus…..oh sure have another piece of pie! This can be a good time for a movie, dinner with friends or just you and a tub of Hagen Das!


Moon conjunct Venus, 9:08 PM: The perfect time to be with the one you love. We are feeling the connection and may want to take it even further! For the more practically minded, this is a good time for furniture shopping. Watch that spending!


Moon conjunct Sun, 9:59 PM: The New Moon in Gemini and we are very energized this late evening. This New Moon brings in and meshes together all the aspects of the last 3 days. This can make us very emotionally expressive and we may even feel a bit out of control. Some may have a hard time with this preferring to go out for a late night adventure while others can’t wait to escape from the energies of the day through sleep. Find some people you can chat with during this time so your restless energy has a channel to flow down.  If you have the presence of mind, this can be a good time for some planning for the future. The Full Moon on the 20th brings manifestations that are initiated on the New Moon. Enjoy the ride. Everyone is tall enough.


All times are central.


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