Astrologer, Lilly Roddy

Thursday, June 30th Daily #Astrology Forecast from Lilly Roddy Show

on June 30, 2016


Thursday, June 30th, the Moon spends the day in Taurus, the sign that rules the 5 senses! Luna does goes void-of-course at 7:19 PM for the rest of the evening.


Moon sextiles Neptune, 12:59 AM: When these two planets connect we seek a peaceful path. This is perfect for sleeping or communing with your inner spirit.


Moon sextiles Venus, 6:57 AM: We are taking time this to smell the flowers this morning. Your interactions with others will go very smoothly.  A great time for a breakfast meeting.


Moon trine Pluto, 8:17 AM: We are working at a smooth pace this morning. We are getting things done, unraveling problems as we go. A good time for a financial review of your current resources.


Moon trine Jupiter, 9:20 AM: We are feeling open and positive by mid morning. This is a great time for any sort of presentation for business or attending a class to enhance your marketability. Everyone is in a more affable mood.


Moon opposes Mars, 7:19 PM: We are feeling and expressing our emotions very strongly in the early evening. This is a good time for an adventure, some fun gaming and competition or just out on the hunt waiting to see what the evening brings. We may all be more easily challenged at this time. Choose a constructive way to express that!


The Moon is now void-of-course at 7:19 PM in Taurus until tomorrow morning.


Venus opposes Pluto, 10:29 PM: Romance, passion, jealousy, obsession, trust and emotional security are all tied up in this planetary aspect. All relationships are being tested, business or person. We are seeking a new level of trust. Relationships that resist change or avoid looking at the truth, won’t last. With this aspect in effect for the last 3 days and continuing over the next 3 days, we will be looking to make some investments in our future via a partnership. This will also stir up the real estate market and may get more people out there looking for permanent places to live. Clean out those closets, file drawers and storage units. You will need some room for the new things you are bringing in!


All times are central.

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